3 Secrets to Stop Binge Eating | Tips to Lose Weight [HD]

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Do you feel identified with any of the following situations?:

“I crave for something sweet, white flour based foods, junk food, etc.”
“Whenever I start eating something good, I can’t stop until I’ve finished it all.”
“I’m fed up of starting diets that then go nowhere because the urge to eat tasty food is just too hard to resist.”
If you feel like this, then this video is perfect for you! In a moment, I’m going to reveal the 3 secrets that will help you control your anxiety eating.
Food cravings can be said to be an emotional state that force us to lose control and keep on eating and eating, frequently very unhealthy foods.
But, what triggers them?

Anxiety Eating has several starting points; it can be triggered by stress, emotional disorders, low self-esteem and other causes of psychological nature.
You may be able to master enough the determination to lose weight, and you may be able find the best and most effective diet plan in the world, but when you fall under the grasp of anxiety, it can very difficult, if not impossible to carry your purposes through.
These are the 3 secrets that will help you control your anxiety
Secret #1: Be aware of what you eat

How does this work?

As the impulse to binge is unconscious, being aware of each moment, in other words, being able to focus your attention on everything that’s happening to you, increases your POWER to control the compulsion to eat.
Achieving this is not so hard, but it does require both time and dedication.

These 3 steps will help you achieve your goal:

1) Forgive yourself
To stop the negative cycle, it is very important that you forgive yourself.
Binging — Feeling Guilt — Binging again.
You must put an end to this negative emotional cycle!

If you binge, don’t blame yourself. Instead, simply say to yourself:

“What’s most important is that I start feeling better about myself. Learning to control my cravings will take time, but I’ll be patient. I know that I will get better at it in time.”

2) Keep a record of what you eat:
Take a notebook and a pencil, and keep a Food Journal of everything you drink and eat during the day.
Again, you must not judge your actions; for now, being honest with yourself and writing down everything you eat and drink is more important than resisting urges. If you binge, don’t worry, enter it in your food log as well. If you do this exercise, I can assure you will start noticing changes.

3) FEEL what you eat:
Relax and feel the taste of food, as well as all the sensations that it produces in your mouth. Feel the smells, and what you feel as you chew and swallow. Do this with one or several meals a day.
Once you start putting these 3 steps into practice, you’ll soon be able to notice a huge difference in your awareness level while you eat, which will give you greater POWER to control your anxiety.
Secret #2: Build up your self-esteem, and learn to control your emotions.
I know, this is not an easy path to walk down, but it is absolutely necessary if you want to eliminate most of the causes of anxiety binging.
Surfing the Internet you will find lots of resources and information that can help you deal with this problem. My personal recommendation is one of the books I consider the best ever written on the subject: “Your Erroneous Zones” by Dr. Wayne Dyer.
This great book can be very helpful to raise your self-esteem and to learn to gain control over your emotions.
If you prefer listening to books rather than reading, there are audiobook versions of the book available here in YouTube
Secret N#3: Work on your inner dialogue.
The words you say to yourself play a huge role in determining what you think and how you feel. Not only that, the things you constantly repeat to yourself turn into beliefs, and in the end, they become part of your reality.
If you have said to yourself repeatedly “I can’t stop eating”, “I gain weight very easily”, “I have a weakness for sweets”, etc., the fact that it is very difficult for you to control your anxiety should not come as a surprise.
Start changing your inner dialogue, adding phrases such as:
“I enjoy taking care of my body and my health.”
“I control my emotions better every day.”
“I respect my body and my health, so I handle my emotions to prevent them from An extra benefit you’ll get from them is that they will fill you with energy and power.
These were my 3 secrets to stop binge eating.
I’m sure that if you start applying them to your everyday life, you will achieve the body of your dreams, without struggling against yourself with every diet you begin.
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Until next time!


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  1. I been binge eating on cookies and bread and cornflakes and after I'm all full and tired of it I want to vomit and then do it again I need serious help I keep on doing it and I do it with fat foods I'm worried

  2. I'm 16, 5'9 and am 97kg or 213lbs. The thing is I'm athletic and am really good at sports. Why am I fat yet so athletic and good at sport. I'm confused. If I lose weight, will i get better at sport. I'm currently good at basketball, good jumpshot and handles. I lose weight will I get better st basketball because I know I'll get quicker and could jump much higher

  3. This is a good video, but I have a lot to add, being a person who has done everything from fasting, intermittent fasting and many other food diets. First of all, you have to have a sense of humor about it. It is true that being all serious, and trying to act tough about it, never works in the long run. It is like using courage or bravado as the answer to a long term issue. You gotta develop a smart-ass attitude towards food, and treat food like it is a cheating spouse. Laugh at food… mock food… put it down and constantly educate yourself on how FAKE and lame most foods really are. If not for all the corporations which use lies and hedonism to get us to buy their sick shit, we would naturally be inclined to eat simpler, more modest meals, and I don't think we would eat as often. I'll be perfectly honest, I sometimes go 3 days without eating anything. Sometimes accidentally, too! There are MANY animals which eat a large meal once a week, and fast the other days. It's not necessary for us to be gorging ourselves like fat useless fucks. So again… mock food, and realize how much of a lie it really is. You need to set yourself up for long term success. Visualize that perfect, thin, lean, flexible body that you COULD have, if you just gave up 95% of the foods in your life. Here's how I typically eat. (when I'm in badass mode) Nothing but coffee & tea for MOST of the day. I eat about 4-5 meals throughout the week, and they're usually healthier meals, like soups n shit.

  4. I have a hard time controlling myself around food. Luckily I have a fast metabolism; I'm 5 feet 3, and 95 pounds. I still want to learn to stop eating so much junk all the time and eat more healthy. Thanks for this video, it was helpful 🙂

  5. I have to give this video its props, I thought it would be like all other videos with pictures and a robot talking about nutrition/diet/exercise, but it actually gave helpful advice.

  6. Thank you for the common sense approach to weight loss. These are videos I play to myself over and over again to achieve what I need to achieve.. Again, thank you for creating this site and keep up the great inspiration to promote good health.

  7. thank you soo much! this really helped since i am insulin resistant and a teenager. so it is depressing when you pick up lots of weight and still get 'bad' cravings and continue to binge eat even though its bad for you!  again thnx soooo much!

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