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Hey Loves,

This is such an overdue video for me and I don’t know why I showed you all this technique sooner, because it’s a staple, but here it is! This is a full proof method to growing and thickening your hair. Over time you will definitely be able to tell the difference in your hair using Castor Oil, TRUST ME.
I typically do this at least once a week and close to my co-wash or wash day! Castor has endless benefits to your scalp so I definitely recommend this, it won’t hurt to try. This is just one part of my healthy hair care routine and plan to show you all more tips and tricks very soon!
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Really hope this helps you all and if you do it and begin to see positive results, let me know down below! Thanks so much for watching, I appreciate you all so much!

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Wide tooth comb : Amazon or Beauty Supply Store

Squirt Bottle: Amazon or Local Beauty Supply

Lavender Essential oil : Can get at Amazon or Sprouts (be sure it is 100% Lavender Oil):

Castor Oil: Can purchase at whole food stores or Can also purchase on Amazon-


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