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Breakfast really is one of the most important meals of the day, and it is remarkable how effortless it is to go incorrect when the grocery store cabinets are towering significant with cereals packed entire of sugar. Jamie is below to give a handful of hints and ideas on the very best cereals to pick in the grocery store aisle, as well as means to make them a tiny extra interesting and fascinating.

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  1. Yup!!!! A good fiber rich, low sugar cereal like this is my go to. Of course on its own it isn't so amazing but like Jamie said with fruits and maybe some walnuts and such… you've added different textures, flavors, nutrition. Cereal just becomes soooooo much better

  2. My 14 year old can't have the bran but he likes shredded wheat and oatmeal. I've been looking for ways to sweeten it up other than sugars and syrups. Is steel cut oats any better/worse than regular cooked oats? I'm assuming the quick oats I shouldn't even bother with anymore (nothing particularly "quick" seems to be healthy anymore bc it's been stripped of it's nutritional value).

  3. Thanks Jamie but I love the breakfast cereal recipe you gave us in your healthy cook book I make all the time and it never tastes the same twice as I add different seeds and nuts each time. Thank you x

  4. Breakfast isn't necessarily "the most important meal of the day", for some people. It highly depends on your metabolism. Some people would benefit from skipping breakfast and having the first meal of the day at 1pm or so.

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