three Week Weight Loss TRANSFORMATION Diet program ONLY (NO Included Physical exercise)

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  1. i’m so stuck right now in finding balance with food but hearing you speak about these things makes me want to get better. i just want to feel good. i hope you’re doing better physically and mentally. much love jackson

  2. Just something to be cognizant of in case you weren’t aware, Queensland heelers are so infatuated with playing fetch that they don’t really know their limits. My cousins had one and would play fetch with it nonstop and while it loved it, it eventually developed a really bad limp because it overexerted itself too frequently. Just throwing it out there!

  3. I agree about the information overload…so many studies that all prove something different. But I wonder how many more vegans we'd have if they all had to kill the meat they eat.

  4. Hey Jackson, I totally get what you are trying to say and trying to do. But it's easy for you to say how to loose weight when you have never been really overweight. You make it sound simple, which in theory it is, but you totally forget about the emotional and energetic side of weightloss. And the patterns people choose as a kid. Everyone has their patterns (and lets not forget about the collective and family patterns!!!) which they use.

  5. It's so true, what you eat is very important. A Whole Food diet is optimal for weight loss and maintenance, but what's more important is a good mental state. Sometimes you are "hungry"but that HUNGER can't be filled with food, it's an emotional void you are trying to fill. So a good MENTAL STATE is also important.

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