Quick To Make Pre-Workout Snacks

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  2. 1. reused footage from a very recent video
    2. yea sure let me just make my oatmeal that im eating immediately in a mason jar instead of a bowl like a normal fucking person

  3. For all my hard gainers.- you only need a penaut butter jelly sandwich as a pre, and chocolate milk or cookies and milk as a post. Those are the easiest (and maybe cheaper) meals around a workout. Penaut butter provides veggie protein and energy from the natural oils, as well as the sugar in the jelly and if you use whole grain bread is a way to ensure long last energy because of the fiber. In the other hand, chocolate milk provides protein and sugar to replenish your muscles' energy bags, and start the process of recovery

  4. Honestly, unless you're actually bulking you don't need a pre. If you really wanted one, just take caffeine, not a drink but a pill or powder. Joe de Franco says so. And Zach Perna says your body should already have enough glycogen/ketones to burn off so you could go fasting too. Just stay hydrated. So for me, no thanks to these.

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