Drop 10 Lbs in seven days | Excess weight Loss Food Strategy

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Drop 10 Pound in seven days | Excess weight Loss Food Strategy


Begin your working day with-
H2o, cinnamon- a couple of pinches, lemon and Apple Cider vinegar- 1Tbsp.-

No taking in for at least 30 mins

Intermittent fasting will go support best with this system, it will enhance your bodyweight decline –

Get at least 6 hrs of slumber a night time

At least 100 ounces of drinking water Demanded!! No exceptions!


*Day 1-
B. Smoothie
L. Baked hen, asparagus, broccoli and rice
D. Fish, spinach

Day two-
B. Omelette– veggie only
L. Taco soup or veggie soup
D. Shrimp and broccoli

Day three-
B. Smoothie
L. Taco soup- or veggie soup
D. Salad with tons of veggies- no meat

*Day 4-
B. Smoothie Bowl
L. Chicken, broccoli and mushrooms
D. Salad with tons of veggies- no meat

Day 5-
B. two small egg and spinach
L. Chicken and spinach
*Created a shrimp salad and included some of my favs
D. Shrimp, Lettuce, spinach, Corn, Black beans and sautéed onion

Day 6- Take in leftovers- I generally consume all of the meals that is left from the 7 days. This currently need to glance very very similar to the days ahead of

Day seven- Take in regardless of what you like not likely in excess of 1600 energy

If you have a sweet tooth you can have 1 cup of basic vanilla ice cream 2x performing the 7 days.
Or basic yogurt and insert 1 fruit
Or 1 serving watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, or peaches 2x performing the 7 days- choose only 1 every time except you’re creating a small fruit bowl!
Can not have 1 of every, it can be a single or the other 2x in that 7 days.

Only accepted breads
Sara Lee pleasant 45 energy
Flatout carbdown
Joseph’s Fax Oat bran & complete wheat lavish bread

Only accepted salad dressing
Make ranch with yogurt and ranch packet
Vinegar base dressings
When seasoning meals, try to use no salt included things, or some thing like. …

Himalayan salt- This salt is, in fact, really loaded in minerals, that contains all 84 crucial trace factors necessary by your entire body.


Pink Alaea salt- It is approximated to have the highest concentration of crucial trace minerals of any salt and is primarily iron loaded

Your smoothie and/or smoothie bowl need to consist of no a lot more than two fruit, avocados are great substitutions for bananas, helps make smoothies very creamy.

Cannabis as perfectly as some non-prescription medicines can reduce your entire body from releasing urine and waste. If you’re likely to start off this 7 working day system you have to have to stop consuming these matters, at least a single working day ahead of you start off the 7 working day system.

If you do not consume seafood. Just select a diverse meat

When cooking veggies like Broccoli, do not boil. Boiling gets rid of vitamins and minerals. I appreciate broccoli and spinach, they delivered the deliciousness each and every time. If you will not appreciate them as a lot as I do in this article are some accepted subs. 💛
Brussels sprouts
Inexperienced beans

Portion Control information-



What I Ate Right now/food Prep Playlist-

Natural Hair Journey-

Dressing Area Try out-On–

In addition Size Relationship Tales-

Motivating Friday Films-

How I stayed Inspired-


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Where by to obtain me
Inquiries be sure to Contract me on Facebook

Company Inquiries
P.O Box 9213 Mobile, Al 36691
or e-mail me at plussizekimonica@yahoo.com


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  1. Kimonica you are doing great! I am in awe of how much weight you have lost so far! It is amazing! I too need to lose a great deal of weight..Lord help me get to the point where I can do it..Hunger is a big problem for me..I have FOBH-fear of being Hungry..When I get hungry the diet is forgotten and I will eat everything in sight..I am gonna try the ACV…and report back. Stay Positive and keep making those videos..They inspire more than you know!

  2. Hi kimonica, i love the 7days food plan. please i will like to take the apple cinder vinegar twice a day how can i go about it? can i do one in the morning and one before going to bed at night? thanks

  3. Hi Kimonica! I was wondering if you could tell me how to get over a weight loss plateau. I've lost about 40 lbs but I've noticed that the past few weeks I'm not seeing the scale move even though I've been sticking to my diet plan religiously. Do you think this 7 day meal plan will get me off this plateau?

  4. Hi Kimonica, I was just explaining to someone the heavier you are the quicker you'd lose weight when you make changes. I lost about 60 lbs. I did various things like no sodas, no fast food, even just fruits and veggies. I had a period where I went to the gym 2 times a day. Now I can't seem to do any of this. I tried keto for a month and when I started back with carbs everything went downhill. Just wondering if you have any advice. I appreciate any information you can provide me with.

  5. I've been losing weight and you weigh less than me! I'm only 17 and I'm considered obese. I am doing certain diets, only drinking water as a drinking liquid and doing the intermittent fast. Could you tell me your waist size in inches, you look super skinny, (probably skinnier than me!)

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