6 Higher-Protein Vegetarian Dinners

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  1. Thank you so much for this video. I'm recovering from surgery and need a lot of protein in my diet. Do you know how many grams of protein are in each meal? … Thank you again very much.

  2. My recepy of healthy vegetarian low-fat food:
    1. Take mashed potatoes.
    2. Fry some bacon until brown and crunchy. It will make dish more vegetarian.
    3. Crush bacon and mix it with potatoes.
    4. Take a piece of cheese and incage it in potatoes.
    5. Put it in flour, eggs and breadcrumbs.
    6. Deep fry.
    Bon appetite

  3. These meals all look good and are appealing delicious but I would replace Tofu with meat because I am not a strict vegeterian but if somebody would cook these i dont mind enjoying the food at all!

  4. These meals look SO delicious! Definitely will make these. I am trying to be vegetarian and I do struggle with not having enough protein in my meals.. thanks for all the tips!

  5. You're not listing the protein content, and "high in protein" is an FDA regulated term. At best, some of these are "a good source of protein". I'd really like more information here.

  6. Protein recommendations for someone allergic to nuts, peanuts, peas/chickpeas, as well as lentils? I'm anaphylactic to all of those. I'd like to try more vegetarian stuff but my allergies really limit me.

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