The ten,000 Calorie Sumo Wrestler Diet plan

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Recipe: Sumo Wrestler Chanko-Nabo –

MUNCHIES introduces Gasoline, a new collection committed to the large efficiency meal plans of athletes. We stick to Byamba, present environment sumo winner, by means of his regular working day of consuming ten,000 calories. In and out of the dojo, Byamba demonstrates us how to shop, cook dinner, and consume chankonabe- a Japanese stew eaten by sumo wrestlers to pack on the lbs .. Itadakimasu!

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  1. I'd like to see how much a professional sumo wrestler could squat, since they focus so much on the legs.

    But this video is a great reminder for me to take life a little slower and remember to try to be happy a little more. This guy has got a great personality.

  2. I wish I weren't allergic to seafood and cabbage both, I feel like I'm just all-out unable to ever have Chanko-Nabe. And after watching this, I feel like I could tackle a pot of the stuff myself, so it's a total bummer.

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