How to Try to eat & Exercising The right way In accordance to Your Human body Form (Ecto, Meso, Endo)

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♥ Are you an Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph or a blend of each? Observe this online video to Try to eat & Exercising properly according to your human body sort.
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You are most likely seeing this online video because you would want to know your human body sort and how you must exercise and consume properly in buy to achieve the most effective outcomes for your human body. We are all designed distinct but just as beautiful.

I have designed this online video to be as in-depth as possible for you to recognize the 3 human body styles: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.
With the right workout and meal plan according to our human body sort, we can all achieve our physical fitness plans!

Observe this online video to learn extra about the:
– Characteristics of all the human body styles
– Instance of celebrities
– Standard physical fitness objective
– Prompt meals intake
– Prompt portion dimensions
– Important nourishment recommendations
– Recommended exercise programme
– Types of workouts to emphasis on
– Frequency & duration of workout sessions
– Movie hyperlinks for extra aspects

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  1. I'm a combination of both ectomorph and endomorph. I have really skinny butt, thighs and legs but bigger arms, tummy and back. I basically gain all my weight in my upper body alone and when i try to loose weight my lower body gets even skinnier and i barely notice any changes in my upper body. Any tips on diet and exercise please?

  2. im endomorph :'( but i think i have a mesomorph in my genes somewhere.. so maybe if and wen i lose weight ill be quite athletic bcuz my family is like that especially my dads side but nonetheless i practically inhale carbs and put on weight!

  3. I think I'm an ectomorph on top but ecto/meso on the bottom from genetics. I have a small frame but I got blessed/cursed with muscular legs from my dad's side of the family – I say cursed because apparently petite women can't have muscular legs, according to fashion.

  4. I got endomorph body type .this video is very helpful for me,so now I know what is the reason why I can't lose weight with diet and did workout almost everyday but it doesn't work on me.


  5. I really love ur videos Joanna but pls I have a few questions like
    M an endomorph but proteins make me fart a lot so wat do I do?
    I hate jogging so wat other cardio can I do???
    Does my age also affect my weight loss journey m 28???

  6. I'm in between Mesomorph and endomorph but I can't do intense work out like without taking a break , I need at least 2 min break after each complete sets.. What to do about this? I'm totally off curbs but having oats and quinoa as substitute..can I do that? I just eat fish and sometime eggs.. Not chicken since I don't like it.. Will these give me expected result?

  7. Quick question: I have a family member who is an endomorph who hardly eats anything. She does struggle with her weight, which she doesn't understand because she doesn't eat that much. She usually eats only 2 meals a day (usually eggs for breakfast with salt and pepper, and a fairly healthy dinner of meat with 2 vegetables and sometimes a carb, but she doesn't prefer them except on special occasions). Every once and a while she eats a snack, but the snacks last forever (for example, we gave her some chocolate for Christmas and she still had most of it at the end of the summer). She says she's just usually not that hungry–and having grown up with her I know it's not a matter of her eating more than she thinks. She really doesn't eat that much and has almost given up on losing weight. How would someone lose weight in this case? Cardio, I guess?

  8. My legs and thighs are so thick, mostly because they're naturally muscular, but I store fat in my belly (I'm skinny fat). My weight is fairly low (56 kg, I'm 170 cm tall) and other people say I'm skinny. I don't know what's my body type. Maybe mesomorph? I'm not particularly curvy like endomorphs, and I am definitely not an ectomorph.

  9. I am definitely an endomorph. I eat a lot of lean meats and fish and I try to stay away from carbs. I eat a lot of fruit, which has carbs in them, but I don't eat potatoes and pasta (believe me it is hard to do). I am also a diabetic so I have to be careful about the glycemic index. And to top all that off I have Myasthenia Gravis, so I am not supposed to build muscle, just increase the endurance of what I have. It is a balancing act but, with pratice I can get used to it. I just need to learn what I need to know to get it started.

  10. Is It possible to be an ecto-endo mix? I have like, naturally skinny arms, torso and waist, it's super difficult to get fat there, but I also have a bit of love handles, thick legs, big butt (and I live in Europe, unlike in the US having a big butt here is not a good thing in most countries).
    I'd love to know your opinion because it's difficult to understand my body type xD am I an endomorph or an ecto-endo mix?
    PS: when I loose weight my legs get skinnier and leaner but my butt always remains kinda big, but my torso and arms become like extremely skinny, people ask me if I am unhealthy lol.

  11. Hmm. I’m kinda confused. Because I have a short torso with long skinny limbs but I don’t have a high metabolism at all. This might be because my other health issues, but I don’t know which advice to take.

  12. I am an endomorph and it is super duper difficult for me to loose weight. Especially now, when I have almost reached my goal. Single mistake in the meal dumps me back to one week. But your video has helped me understand my body type more successfully and scientifically. I hope my boyfriend who is an ectomorph, gets help to put on his weight. Thanks!

  13. thank you, it is very informative and professional by the way you hand movement was very effective, me too can't speak without move my hand, your are professional great video, up:D

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