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It truly is Tuesday! So guess who’s back with a different episode of #CookingWithAComedian YOUR BOY and girl @Janine!!! And we are making these mouth watering, exceptionally low-cost, wholesome vegetarian/vegan dependent tacos!!! They’re terrific and I hope you love my tutorial on how I make these!

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  1. Just made that for lunch today and it was delicious. Couldn't stop eating. Good thing is you don't feel guilty for eating a lot. Thanks Preacher. Keep preaching your comedy. Lol

  2. Hey, just thought you should know that your cutting technique needs work. The way you do it risks your fingers. Look for a cutting technique video on youtube.
    Also, it seems your knife is pretty dull, which somewhat counterintuitively is another big risk to cutting yourself.
    Please consider, and have a good day!

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