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Marc: Hi I’m Mark Sklar, The Fertility Skilled and now I’m tremendous excited to have Amy Pamensky in this article our nutritionist in this article at our neighborhood clinics in this article in San Diego to support us chat about nutrition and fertility diet plans. Several of you research on line to discover the excellent, awesome fertility food plan that is heading to support you get expecting and now we’re heading to chat about why all individuals fertility diet plans are not excellent for you. So Amy I discover that when I start out working with individuals and I’m positive you see the same factor as perfectly is that they want to discover the just one size fits all excellent food plan and they could not use the phrase fertility food plan but excellent food plan to support them get expecting as speedily as doable. And yeah think there are some great destinations to start out and some foundational items. I just do not discover that individuals normal fertility diet plans that they discover on line that claim to be the stop all be all are excellent for them. How do you experience about that and can you elaborate a little little bit about that for all of our viewers?

Amy: Yeah positive thanks for possessing me. So when I glance at fertility diet plans on line and what a great deal of people today are looking at are, these just one size fits all food plan. And what we suggest by that are diet plans like the Paleo food plan, vegan food plan, low body fat, low carb and low energy. And when you’re seeking at fertility you actually want to understand the root induce. Why is the individual not able to get expecting and what is their diagnosis? So for each of individuals diagnoses and each and every one person is really different we do not treat two individuals the same, even two individuals with ECOS or endometriosis. So we’re seeking at actually customizing a food plan for them. And if you’re seeking at a just one size fits all, some sections could get the job done for you but if you want to get down to the root induce, you’re heading to want to have anything a little little bit additional custom made.

Marc: Yeah and individuals are the sorts of items that we test to pressure with every person and even with the facts that we article on line in our videos or our weblog article. They have to be these additional generic in common rules for every person since we do not know what every person desires and what they are seeking for and what their diagnosis is. So even we do that in chopping to that sort of dilemma if you will. But ideally you’re employing it just as a base and actually branching of from there and basing it off their diagnosis is what I hear.

Amy: Yeah we’re actually seeking at purposeful medicine. So we’re seeking at blood examination we’re seeking at their symptom study their wellbeing heritage and figuring out what is heading to be ideal for them. And all over again we are heading to share some recommendations in foreseeable future videos about some balanced foodstuff for fertility and that is a good put to start out. It’s good to discover out what foodstuff are great and what foodstuff to get out. And that is a great put to start out. But if you’re not looking at final results and you actually want to get custom made. Then our additional custom made tactic could get the job done ideal for you.

Marc: Terrific for individuals of you who have not spoken to Amy still or are seeking for nutritious things, Amy does all of my get the job done with individuals just one on just one when they require that dietary assistance, food preparing and additional unique consideration. So together we get the job done with individuals and we converse together to build that program for them. So for individuals of you who have not achieved Amy in the previous, you could be talking to her some place in the foreseeable future when you require that sort of treatment and consideration. Thanks so substantially for looking at this video clip with any luck , it was useful and practical to get you commenced and going in the right route. If you have not subscribed to our newsletter in the previous, be sure to do so. You can simply click on the website link that will get you there. We share a great deal of unique facts on our newsletter that we do not share everywhere else. And if you’re not following us and looking at us on YouTube regularly, be sure to do so. Thanks so substantially and, to additional nutrition and greater wellbeing.


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  1. Can you please make a video on getting pregnant after getting depo proverb shots for 1+ years?
    I got my last depo shot in May of this year, which I was due for my next shot back in August, but did t get it done because my boyfriend and I wanted to start trying for a baby. It's been 3 months and I haven't gotten my period yet. I have started taking prenatal vitamins though. Please help me and my boyfriend. Thanks.

  2. I wish you were in my state, my husband and I have tried for 3 years and we have had no luck. I've tried certain diets like you said and nothing has worked. We've done fertility and stuff and nothing.

  3. I wish I lived in your area.. I don't have the money to jump into infertility medicine so I'm kinda more so on the outskirts trying to change certain things. I do feel like I had that one size fits all type of answer that will just have me pop PREGNANT. Are we able to speak to you over the phone or do you only do in person consultations?

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