5 Meals Products and solutions Wrongly Promoted as Healthier – Component two

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I present to you 5 additional goods which are wrongly promoted as balanced. Products and solutions which mislead the individuals. Numerous of us consume these food items goods on a day by day basis wondering it to be balanced. But are they genuinely balanced? Jointly, we will discover out.Again, our parameter of judgement would be the substances and the nutritional details of the products. By this video clip I assume us to be tiny additional conscious of the tips of the food items companies and in transform we will get smarter and decide on the food items goods additional consciously. So with out any additional delay, let us get started.

Look at 1st Component of this video clip:

Make soup for excess weight reduction

Oats as a sweet dish

Masala Oats Recipe for extra fat reduction and muscle mass achieve

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  1. Well done vivek…… I love ur videos as these r really worthful for me
    But can u upload another video on green tea…… Bcoz I consume it everyday which really works for me
    So plz upload a video

  2. Hi Vivek,
    Thank you for all the hard work you do for spreading awareness about fitness.
    I would like to work with you jointly on fitness stuff.
    Before that just help me in reviewing the various types of milk available in the market which are vegan. Also about the skim milk benefits.
    Thanks and Regards,

  3. Thanks to u I have started making healthier choices. I have learnt that we can easily swap packaged food with homemade and fresh food. And I am surprised that it is much easier than we think.

  4. You are doing a great job by busting myths that such food sellers have been creating (especially in Indai). I feel every health conscious person shall watch your various videos and evaluate / learn about health choices. You keep up the great job meanwhile 🙂

  5. You do an excellent Job in every single Video….If India gets 20-30 more people like YOU. It will DRASTICALLY improve health of Millions of Indians. Hats off!!! Keep doing great Work…

  6. My question is can I eat soybean nutri instead of chicken in dinner I m following ur diet but in dinner I m having papaya which is nt filling fr me or else can I eat sweet potato kbhi kbhi

  7. Please Make A video On KFC chickens..I Think It Also deserves Your Scrutiny Before Our Consumption.BTW This is the only left,Bad Eating Habit of Me.
    Thanks A Lot For All Your Informative Videos.

  8. Sir please make a video on Omega 3 fish oils and multivitamin replacement…Or any good supplement available in market…. You doing great job for country sir….Hats Off as always <3

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