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Right here is what you have to Eat for your Supper. Make positive that you stay away from Junk Food items, have Buttermilk instead of Curd, Sleep immediately after two hrs of consuming. By following this Supper Menu you can direct a nutritious existence. For additional Health and fitness Ideas and educational Video clips, continue to be tuned to Health and fitness Info Telugu.

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Wonderful Health and fitness Added benefits of Papaya and Lemon Juice –

Lip Care Through Wintertime –

Added benefits of fennel seeds (saunf ) –

Wonderful Health and fitness Added benefits Of Carrot Juice –

Wonderful Health and fitness Added benefits Of Amla Soaked In Honey Through Wintertime –

Most Wonderful Health and fitness Added benefits of BARLEY Drinking water –

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  1. మీరు చెప్పింది నిజమే…కాని నిజ జీవితంలో దీనికి విరుద్దంగ జరుగుతుంది…పిజ్జా,కేకులు,నూడుల్స్,పఫ్ లు,సమోసా,పరోట ,బజ్జి,జిలేబి ..అన్ని మైదానే..ఇక మిడ్ నైట్ బిర్యానీల గురించి చెప్పసినపనిలేడు…
    అందుకే మన ఇండియాలో ఫార్మసీ కంపెనీలు,డాక్టర్లు,మెడికల్ షాప్స్ వాళ్లు అంత సంపాదిస్తున్నారు…

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