What I Try to eat in a Working day // Healthy Vegan Recipes

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In this movie I’m displaying you what I eat in a normal day as a vegan!
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・ my current movies ・
crispy sesame tofu →
what i eat in a day →
2017 favorites →

・products utilised ・
blender bottle →
reusable glass coffee cup →
my favored baking trays →
silicone baking mats →
dutch oven →
gretchen’s “fashionable vegan baking” cookbook →

vivo life uncooked environmentally friendly superfood →

chocolate matcha powder →
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・ printable recipes ・
bbq jackfruit →
split pea potato-corn chowder →

・ link with me ・
instagram → @thesarahsullivan
facebook page →
e mail → thesarahsullivan@gmail.com
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・ about this movie ・
filmed with sony a5100 →
closeups filmed with canon t5i →
edited with remaining minimize professional x
songs → “lights” by vexento

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  1. Hi vegans so am meat eater but i have to tell you guys teach a lesson of being smarter ok so look you call me a murderer but I never fucking killed a amimal that's the butcher job so don't call me a murderer and I never rape a fucking animal I just don't get it i can live my own life ok so I don't care and have a nice day vegans and I just buy the meat of course I don't like blood and amimals dying ok that doesn't mean I should be a fucking vegan ok so don't tell me that BS ok

  2. I saw someone say to use cold water, I use hot/warm water and it’s fine. You only need to make sure the rice paper is wet, so just dipping it completely real quick is fine. As for rolling it, fold the paper over the stuff first. So parallel to the ingredients, fold the paper over it tightly— you don’t want to fold the sides in until your paper is folded over your ingredients. Folding it in on the sides is what makes it tighter and more secure. Hope that helps! Love your videos. 🙂

  3. Drinking apple cider vinegar can be bad for your teeth and harmful to your esophagus. There are no proven benifits of ACV. It is very acidic not alkalizing. Additionally, your body regualates itself without intervention to thr optimal ph otherwise all the enzymes in your body would not work.

  4. Hi! This might sound weird but I noticed you're realllllly good at dicing up veggies to be small and uniform so a video showing your technique would be good!

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