MY SHINY HAIR Techniques

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My Shiny Hair Techniques! You fellas have been asking what I have changed & I have a few new tips!

What are YOUR shiny/wholesome hair tricks? I really like examining all your tips in the reviews section D

Thanks So Considerably For Looking at!!!
xo’s ~ Tati

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  1. If you want to use the best all in one multivitamin capsuler try reflex multivitamin.nexgenpro 90capsules.. take 3 a day

    It contains all you need.. and.biotin is already in

  2. I do this. But I slather it on before i workout at home. I'll workout and clean the house a bit and then shower. I have colored hair and it is great for that too. My color lasts a lot longer and stays more vibrant. I don't add any oil though. Just good ole organic coconut oil. Our dogs also get a heaping spoonful of it too.

  3. I have long, thick, natural blonde hair. Washing once a week, takes patience to go that long at first. Try it while on holiday, just vegging out. Rarely, I may use a dry shampoo only on my fringe towards the end of the week. Recently, while recovering from back surgery, I only washed my hair once a fortnight for a month. Again the only issue when going out, was my fringe which I used dry shampoo on it. I also condition first then shampoo. Using Argan oil on wet hair, air drying, then once again when dry to control frizz. A little goes a long way. I personally think we over use hair products. Sometimes, less is best. Occasionally I will deep condition with organic coconut oil.

    Long hair is not more time consuming, I think it is less so. When I wore it extremely short, as in 5 cm with a number 4 clippers up the back, I would have to wash and style my hair once, if not twice a day, depending on how physically hard I work through the day, the temperature and if I was going out in the evening. I have given up the thought that only the young should wear their hair long. I don't think this rule applies any longer.

  4. Eveytime i attempt to make my hair look shiny, it turns out greasy af. All the products i use let it look greasy but after like 30 seconds it is again dry and frizzy.
    send help

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