How to make Nutritious French Toast! Featuring Dancer Megan Batoon!!

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What is cookin’ great lookin’?! These days on we’re sharing our complete FAVE French Toast breakfast recipe that is one hundred% TIU Accredited! We enjoy squeezing in a tiny Booty Contact motion whilst we’re in the kitchen whipping up breakfast much too and that’s why we invited our lady Megan Batoon, a dancer, choreographer, and comic, to the HQ for some stirring, shimmying and shaking.

And because we ended up sensation these French vibes, we determined to produce a tiny dance referred to as “Bonjour Le Cul.” Translation: Great morning, booty!!

Examine out our moves (particularly Karena’s robot and interpretive dance techniques!!) and demonstrate us your #BonjourLeCul!

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  1. I hate to admit it, but I'm not a fan of Perfect Fit protein. I've really tried, I promise! But I can't get over the grainy texture. 🙁 On a positive note, I love the TIU girls (always) and I love Megan Batoon!

  2. Katrina how do you get your hair so perfect? I have naturally curly hair but I get nothing but FRIZZ all the time. What's your secret (without having to wash and blow dry and curl EVERYDAY) ? PS. Love this video, Megan seems like a genuine and sweet person 🙂 … and Karena can sure bust a move lmao

  3. Hard to believe I have been on this plan for almost a year now and haven't thought to make the french toast as I always make the pancakes or do the egg scrambles. However, after waking up and watching this I went and made a batch of french toast that you have here for breakfast and O…M…G, it was SO good and crispy too with the Perfect Fit in there, thank you ladies! I will be making this more often now! Loved it, loved the dancing, and thanks for making me laugh first thing this morning …great to wake up that way….would love more videos like this! <3

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