ELIMINATION Food plan: Food Prep | Week 1

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Hey Everyone! Here is the food prep I did to get me by way of 7 days 1. I utilized these generally for my lunches at function.

Have you food prepped just before?






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  1. Hi. You mentioned golden milk? when you did your shop. What is it and how is it made, more importantly, did it help?
    I am one of the small percentage of men who has now been diagnosed with lupus after suffering from polymyalgia rheumatica about three years. Lupus has replaced it. (Uk medical descriptors vary on occasions across the pond)
    Biggest problem is aching hips,knees, ankles. I also have MS, I am 74, Live in the uk, I could really do without all this hassle but, it is what it is.
    Your videos are inspirational, sensible, informative and you should be very proud of what you are doing..
    How is the diet going?

  2. Quick Update: Week one was tough but I made it! At the start of the week I had low energy levels but by day 5 my body adjusted to the diet change. In regards to my symptoms I haven't had any digestive issues (GERD included) or headaches! These are both issues I experienced weekly (sometimes daily). I am enjoying trying new recipes and I can't wait to show you some of my favorites!

    P.S: Don't mind my craziness in this video. Filming while cooking is a new experience for me.

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