DOES JUNK Meals MAKE YOU Body fat? | Complete Day of Taking in | The ‘Healthy Eating’ Lie

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If you like epic cheat times, epic cheat meals, fast food stuff and basic guy vs food stuff action, then you’ve got occur to the appropriate put!

In modern entire day of having I emphasis on a pretty large misunderstanding which has been introduced about by lies and myths getting unfold by different sources. Does junk food stuff make you unwanted fat? Is fast food stuff poor for you? What ought to I try to eat to get rid of bodyweight? I expose all in this article…


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  1. As a student studying nutrition this is what I try to tell people all the time, too many fad diets which "magically" make you lose weight, when in reality it's as simple as calories in vs calories out. Great video Matt!

  2. as someone who works at ikea, i can recommend "lingon sylt" with meatballs 🙂 it's similar to cranberry jam and i could literally drink it mixed with the "gräddsås" :D:D not sure if they have it in stores in the UK though :s

  3. Just curious Matt, how many grams of protein do you eat in day. I'm at university and we've been looking into the research surrounding protein consumption, and it's widely shown that there aren't any benefits past 2g/kg bodyweight, even in the highest level athletes. Just thought I'd ask as I know the 'fitness' community is obsessed with protein and having it super high

  4. Someone who eats their maintenance cals in junk food may weigh the same as someone who eats their maintenance cals in "clean" food, but they won't look the same and they won't have the same health markers. Plus you can eat a lot more clean food to get your cals, which is ideal if you don't have the metabolism of a horse.

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