Delectable Low-Carb Egg White Omelette

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  1. Shut the fuck up criticizing them for messing up. All of us know that you can't even do 2 times better so the fact that you guys are hating is ridiculous.
    You guys don't even have YOUTUBE videos but criticize Tasty for running out of ideas. Some people only have post notifications on to dislike the videos. You guys make no sense! It's good to know that tasty has atleast 1 loyal subscriber. You guys are so rude and feel like it's necisary to hate and that you'll die if you don't. In every single video, you guys are bitching about Oh that's not from france or That's not the name! You guys are petty.
    If you're hating on someone that obviously means you have nothing better then to sit in front of a motherfucking screen all day sending hate comments. Shut the fuck up being rude to tasty and that's all.

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