Cost-effective AND Excellent High-quality Natural and organic Products

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It is a myth that excellent organic and natural prodcts price tag a fortune. There are extremely superior manufacturers that are affordable and have extremely superior products and solutions:
Dr Hauschka


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  1. LOL Isabella, I love your "crappy" videos. (Just kidding!)

    I have this mind set that some organic products are too expensive for what you get and I'm learning a great deal from your perspective. You give examples of brands and why you like them, so its a good start for me in the body department. Many thanks. Keep the videos coming.

  2. I totally agree!! Thank you! It just takes looking at the ingredients!!! And these less expensive brands offer samples for basically nothing! I'm so glad you made this!!!!! 🙂 clapping loudly

  3. Hi so glad you posted this , so many people feel that organic products are not affordable and there are many wonderful brands with good ingredients, As for makeup and skin care I agree I rather pay for quality ingredients instead of marketing and the latest celebrity face . Have a great week

  4. I'm from Poland and I love Lavera shampoo 😉 also face wash from Lavera is very good. Weleda rose face cream is ok, hand creams or skin food are the best for me 🙂 also Weleda lip balm is my love!
    Weleda is more pricy in my country but now is in many shops.
    Also you can buy benecos.
    We have many organic brands made here and they are good price and some from Russia/Ukraine and they are very good for body or anything with clay (face masks).

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