WHAT I Eat IN A Working day TO Drop Weight!! How I Dropped 50lbs!!

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  1. Remi- I literally have no food right now (makes chicken Russell sprouts, almonds, and blueberries) when I have no food it means i have like a can of oats and some cheese if I’m lucky

  2. i hope remi will read this <3 so.. this is not trying to force you on anything but i remember, remi, you crying at a puppy shelter yet you eat other animals. that's what's making me even want to cry more. because i know that you have the biggest hard and if you just opened your eyes and realized that you are eat animals. baby animals. who have heart, a family, who will give you love, i think it will shock you. because you have SUCH a big heart remi. don't eat animals. please. <3 🙁 all animals are our friends. they are not born to die. they are not made to eat as food. please remi. please. make that connection. 🙁

  3. Ok, so i have had scoliosis for the past 2 years and i didn't do the exercises i should and it got worse and than i saw Remi losing weight and i was like, heyy i'm gonna exercise every day and work hard on it, and i have been doing that for two months now and it's getting better, but all of my friends are like naah you don't really need that but i'm saying: Yes, i know i need it you don't even know, and i come back to Remi every day to give me motivation, and i can tell you it's working. My scoliosis is like so much better and i'm like so much taller now, and let me tell you, i feel much more confident and better now. That's my story~✌

  4. I love how you act, your so down to earth. Your skills with spray tan are like mine so I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets orange hands while trying to be cute. I'm still learning as well, people make applying it look so easy but it's not for me. Lol

  5. Girl you look so good! I lost 40lbs last year doing a low carb diet and it honestly made me feel so much better. I'm at 160ish rn and I'd like to get down to 130, so that's my goal for this year. Definitely taking your tips into consideration! Congrats on this new lifestyle! ❤️

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