VLOG: Vegan Update +MY Individual Clothing LINE!

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Thumbs up if you want me to VLOG in LA! I’m acquiring my hair carried out by Dude TANG! YAY!

*WARNING. Tons of speaking & Tons of kitties. If you never like both – you wont like this online video ) XOXO

GET Ready WITH ME: Live performance +VLOG

HIIII HELLLO! 3 Late evenings in a row… i’m imagining up coming time this takes place i am going to just preserve it for the AM. I just get psyched and want to get stuff up ASAP!! Anyways right now was a pretty busy / tedious working day! LOL. I have experienced men and women at the house the earlier 2 days doing work in my closet! I truly imagined right now would be tranquil – but I was wrong. I will film my smoothie online video when I get home!! We arrive home super early sunday 🙂 I saw a ton of men and women requesting a Vegan update so I figured I would Vlog my working day and give you some updates on other issues as very well! 🙂 These days I Acquired TO ANNOUNCE THE MOST Thrilling News I’ve Ever Had TO Continue to keep IN!! I made my personal outfits line with Missguided!! AH!! I’ve been dying to explain to you men. It launches in 2 weeks or so and I won’t be able to wait around to display you all the things!!! There will be 50 pieces in my collection for summertime! Thank you all SO considerably for all your sweet remarks right now on social media!! You men have no thought how considerably much more psyched I am now. I was hoping you men would be psyched!!! Are not able to wait around to display you much more! Hope this online video isn’t also tedious. I just truly preferred to get a little something up in advance of I remaining. Enjoy YOU Eternally. XOXO Carli

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  1. I would really love to see if you could do a video on what are the vegan things you buy because honestly I’ve been getting sick lately a lot and I’m not Vegan but I’m definitely wanting to try it I just don’t know what things to buy or what to look for exactly it would be such a big help if you made a video like this because honestly we need more people to acknowledge this topic love your videos ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  2. Ok ive never understood why so many people don't like Veganism. I literally have no problem with it. I wanna be Vegan myself but i don't think it's something i can manage to be lmao.

  3. hey carli there is a cat food supplement that is for veg. cats and its called Vegecat, it contains all of their necessary vitamins and minerals (like taurine, vitamin A etc) its actually approved by vets and has been sold since 1986 and its totally safe, because obviously cats need the things that they get from meat, and Vegecat has all of those things, it's up to you, but I would really suggest looking into it. Love you so much!

  4. I was a vegetarian for 8 years but got sick of the diet mostly when I went to restaurants, i was eating the same thing over and over, although looking back it's not a big deal..i started dating my boyfriend and cracked and started eating meat again, it's been a little over a year now and I've gained 50 pounds, I've got sluggish and lazy and I mainly blame that on my diet. all my favorite youtubers have been talking about being vegan and it's getting the wheels turning in my head that it's time for a diet change. I loved being a vegetarian, I'm nervous for that full push to vegan but I guess I will find out!! It'd be great if anyone could help with that change, any advice or what helped. I'm nervous I won't feel full, ya know? idk. Thank You in advance!! I'm also getting ducks, since my ducks will be pets, I'm thinking id be ok eating/cooking with the eggs. I wouldn't be hurting them, it would just be whenever she decides to lay..if I end up with a female. I'm conflicted on this too if you couldn't tell lol

  5. this video made me laugh so much!!!! dropping the beans. So something i would do. Are your cats declawed? I had a cat wayyy back and I had it declawed. Was thinking of getting another cat but i dont know if i should. The nails omg would scratch me so bad. What breed are these?

  6. Thank you so much for your inspiration!!! I went from eating tons of fast food to completely vegetarian almost completely vegan within 2 months! I thought it would be difficult, but it definitely is not! It's a mind set, I think about things I used to eat and get disgusted. I feel like I owe it all to you for planting that little seed in my head that resulted in lots of research. It's astonishing! I love you, Carli!!!!

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