Remodeling OUR Visitor Space + HOMESCHOOLING OUR Kids!

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Signal Up for My New Calendar year Problem below!:
Portrait Inquiries below: Prices Start off at $three hundred and up relying on picture.
Enjoy Jerry’s shock to me below!:
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  1. my goals were to get a new job in 2018. let me tell you 12/28/17 got a call for interview, had the interview 1/3/18, got hired 1/5/18, started 1/8/18. i plan to run a 5k this year no idea how i'm just gonna do it and i've been reading the bible daily. i promise it takes my stress level down, my anxiety is released…its gonna be a good year

  2. I am an elementary school teacher and Big boy Jerry's penmanship is awesome. I love the finger spacing lol. You guys are doing an awesome job with your children. Continued blessings

  3. I love this video! The name of Jesus. Dee, just a harmless suggestion, make the guest room a play room. However leave in a pull out sofa bed or something. Cos you just don't know when it will come in handy. You are going to live there for years on end. So still leave the option open

  4. @16:20 Jordan is too cute for words. I admire you guys so much. Keep growing in the faith of Jesus CHRIST. Without Him nothing is possible. We celebrated New Year by going to church to praise our way into the new year and will CONTINUE to do so. My goals this year are to stay fit, find a decent job, invest into something to become prosperous, and be a better person to my husband, kids, friends, etc.

  5. It made my heart smile to see the kids singing praise to our Father, the most high!! Jesus, continue to encourage the kids to have a lasting relationship with God.

  6. I may be subscribing back, channel seems to be more positive these days, focusing on the family/kids again. Kudos Lavignes & that Jor is so smart, last time I regularly watched she was so little and now she's a great speaker! Yall still hittin that clickbait regularly tho haha

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