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How to make nutritious processed food options! My ideas for deciding upon nutritious treats, and my finest nutritious snack picks. Of program, the much more total foodstuff we can incorporate in our weight loss plans, the far better! But these can be superior in a time crunch, or as substitutes to a lot less nutritious alternatives.
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The data delivered on this channel is for informational and instructional reasons only and is not meant as a substitute for advice from your physician or other well being treatment expert. You really should not use the data on this channel for diagnosis or treatment of any well being difficulty or for prescription of any medicine or other treatment. Check with with a health care expert before setting up any diet plan, physical exercise or supplementation software, before taking any medicine, or if you suspect you may well have a well being difficulty.


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  1. Thank you, I'm trying to slowly but surely make better food choices because I believe that little changes snowball to create results. There's a lot of confusing info out there, but you are concise and helpful!

  2. Fab video Alyssia! Especially the last bit. The most unhealthy period of my life that resulted to me suffering from BED started with me eating only "healthy" snacks and foods from health food stores… Moderation is key and being aware of what you consume rather than assume everything more expensive and in a fancy packaging is necessarily a healthier option, I always see these recipes that are fat on fat on fat (e.g. avocado on toast topped with two eggs and drizzled with olive oil) and I always point out how high in fat they are – then I get attacked by people saying it's healthy fat and I'm like… eating 25g of fat in a single meal is not healthy, healthy fats are healthy if your choice is between consuming 5g of unhealthy fats and 5g of healthy fats not ditching 10g fat donut for a "healthy" 25g fat meal. Macros do matter.

  3. I'm obsessed with dried mango and I only like one type and it tastes like there's no sugar but then there's another which tastes completely different and it looks like it has like powdered sugar on it I didn't like that one.
    That's my life story

  4. You know, for years I was eating the whole lays potatoes chip family size bag in one sitting… I just stumbled on your channel researching my new diet. Thank you. I knew about serving sizes but… Never applied it lol. I started about a month ago and cut chips out entirely… Eating mostly salads and yogurt, along with watching serving sizes.

  5. I eat 3 oreos as a snack with 2% reduced milk. I know not healthy but I still managed to maintain my 1500 calorie diet and lost 1 lb last week! Watch your calories and make sure you get your macronutrients and your all set lol but everyone's diets are different so do what works best for you

  6. Good video. I haven't have perused your channel yet so I don't know if you did this idea but it would be nice to compare seltzer waters. It's a healthy alternative to soda but not all seltzer or flavored waters are healthy. One brand that was trusted and loved and assumed healthy, gave me a horrible headache. Then when I looked at the ingredients, I finally realized why. The sodium and sugar substitute in it made me so sick.

  7. This is a great video, but I wanted to mention that added vegetable oils in processed snacks are VERY unhealthy. I mean VERY VERY unhealthy. Some of the snacks you showed didn't have added oils, but most of them did. Coconut oil is fine, but heated vegetable oils like canola, sunflower, safflower and cottonseed oils are very high in omega 6's and when they are heated, their molecular structure is damaged, and this in turn damages our cells.

  8. I use a whirly pop…love it…make all kinds of different types of popcorn that way and you control the oil (type and amount) and I cook only with rice bran oil because of its antioxidants and high smoke point. My two favorites is garlic parm (with whole garlic cloves just crushed put in the oil) and kettle corn (with cane sugar and sea salt). I've also made my own chickpeas in the oven along with dried apple slices.

  9. Thank you for these very helpful videos!! It kills me that anyone would attack you for any reason. You always share the facts and say the choice is ours to make. God bless you!!

  10. also, one thing you're missing on the bags of nuts is the word "roasted". Any package of "roasted" nuts are roasted in OIL
    Raw nuts however are not
    Although, some nuts only come roasted and not raw like cashews

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