Diet program plan for hair growth!! a hundred% normal way to regrow hair and stop hair slide !!

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The hair regrowth diet plan plan entire description video which tells you solution diet plan for nutritious shiny long hair the connection is beneath

There are numerous causes for hairfall
You can check it on beneath connection

Interior treatment is vital to get rid of hair slide you are what you consume when hair dont get good nourishment internally they slide out you want antioxidants protein omega three biotin zinc selenium vitamin A vitamin C for shiny and nutritious hair

In todays globe we rely on junk foodstuff which can not present all the earlier mentioned nutrition to the hair

If you are suffering from intense hairfall there is want to improve the diet plan which ideal for your hair

I have stated all the foods which gives us exact nutrition for hair growth breakfast plan lunch plan snacks plan evening meal plan total diet plan for hair

This diet plan will not only gives you good hair but flawless pores and skin also and get rid of thyroid and pcos issues in women

It is applicalble to adult males and women both equally

In early morning on empty belly
Warm water and lemon

Breakdast protein and antioxidant wealthy

Lunch carbs and critical fat
Aamla which consists of most vitamin c is exceptionally vital for hair

Fruit consumption is also vital
Contain orange berries grapes papaya all vitamin a and c wealthy foods

This nutients performs key job for preserving hair wellbeing

This is most effective hair regrowth diet plan which gives you shiny nutritious and extended hair

This diet plan plan consist of the foodstuff which performs an critical roll to regrow your fallen hair as effectively as to stop hair slide quite efficiently. Comply with this diet plan and you will see a substantial growth of your hair and improved wellbeing.

Pleased hair 😃

Just take treatment


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  1. Hey just wanted to know since I m staying in a hostel n so don't get all the nutrition required so please tell me that if I consume 3-4 eggs per day will I get the required protein? And also I m doing balayam since past 1 month for 30-40 Min everyday n also asan like head stand and sarvangasan… Will I get the results? Please do reply

  2. Mam mujhe 2 years sai hairfall hai..homeopathic medicine li still koyi farak nahi…ab mujhe stress rehne laga hai…i m female age 29 poorvi..washing mai 200 hairs hotai hai and daily 60 70 sab test normal hai ….plz mam kuch suggest kar sako…

  3. mam mere Baal to ugte hai onion juice se par vo dobara jhad jate hai vo rukte nhi 4 years se mere sath yahi ho raha hai Ab mai age se bald ho gaya hu aur mere bal Ab bhi jhad rahe hai koi bhi Dr mjhe samajh nhi pa raha hai mai 11 Dr se treatment le chuka hu mere samajh nhi a raha mai kya kru

  4. Hey m just 23 n suffering from hairfall.. tried everything but once i leave my medicine it starts again.. i guess its tellogen effluvium.. n i hav to take iron supplement.. can you tell me can i take fruits in morning n 2 egg s at night cz m a student and hav my classes in morning at 6.30 .. n reach back at home around 9 pm.. also can i take fruits in breakfast n some poha etc cz only this thing can be taken as packed lunch in morning to my class n not eggs?
    If i follow this diet.. in how much time the effect can be felt in terms o hair fall out?

  5. hi,,,, i love ur videos so much, i want to say that i recently consult dermatologist i have dandruff, hair thinning and hair loss, doctor is saying im having androgenetic alopecia and cant regrowth hair ever, is it true?? i told i ve used onion it helped me in losing hair so doctor was saying it rather increase dandrruff so dont use such remedies doctor said. so according to ur videos i purchase supplements of biotin and omega3 fish oil supplement, so can i take 2 different supplements per day at a time or one in the morning and the other in the evening after dinner?? please reply soon……

  6. Mam I had medium length hair but due to severedandruff growth stopped which i noticing last 4 month .mam plz tell me is it good to cut down all hair and then follow your suggestion aur i can do it with as it is without cutting my hair.mam i am very much tensed due this and i am student plzz plzz mam give me some suggestion via videos plzz plzz mam.reply as soon as possible.

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