Hungry? Starvation Command, Cravings, Weight Decline, Nourishment

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Starvation Command, Cravings, Weight Decline, Nourishment

Hungry? Starvation Command, Cravings, Weight Decline, Nourishment

Nourishment by Natalie

Why are so damn hungry all the time?
How to handle starvation.
Get rid of weight the balanced way.
The truth about cravings?

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  1. There loads of spam comments here. Dieting is simple and most ppl know that veg and fruits r the way to go, but they don't do it, cos they r addicted to the delicious tasty junk food, and salad and fruit don't seem to have the same addictive tastiness… it's hard it's like drugs and u have to come off then and 'teach' ur body to like the taste of fruits like mangoes and realise it is delicious and learn to cook vegetables to make them more palatable. Adding spices and herbs like garlic ginger oregano etc. And eating oily fish like salmon grilled and learning to love and enjoy these foods which r healthy. It's not easy at all, especially if all u grew up in at home was fast food junk.

  2. Guys, losing weight doesn't have to be difficult (I used to think it did). I'll give you some advice right now. Look for a diet plan called Fenoboci Diet Plan. Seriously, that course has transformed my life. I probably shouldn't even be talking about it cause I don't want a bunch of other folks out there running the same "game" but whatever, I'm in a good mood today so I'll share the wealth haha.

  3. see "Fed Up" documentary. Sugar's BAD. Real bad. As Richard says below, eat only foods from nature and check those if you can, especially if you live in the U.S. and Canada as the FDA and such are in bed with Monsanto and the GMO biz. BUT MAINLY SUGAR. nuh uh. telling MYSELF too trust me, not easy. I do eat Honey though, same thing, but magical too. 😉 Calories are baloney…"reduced calorie" food. The whole calorie in, calorie out biz is a LIE. She is giving correct info. Minerals, nutrients…k…one more time. STOP SUGAR. Peace.

  4. one simple rule for regulating weight… if it grows or is produced naturally, has done for hundreds or thousands of years and is edible to human beings then scoff it down, otherwise give it a miss I guarantee within months no matter how over or under weight your body will normalize at your ideal weight. you simply CANNOT get gross on a good balance of natural foods nature just does not provide enough calories. I also note from the video and comments that absolutely nobody mentions population control these processed foods are well know to be terrible to the human body but have slowly & systematically been introduced over decades… GMO crops are the absolute worst because they have changed what nature intended us to eat so what actually looks like a potato is poison to the body…  just because the FDA labels it as 'safe' means absolutely nothing. Educate yourself, stop eating the crap and the whole problem goes away     

  5. Tea is zero calories unless you put sugar in it…. Green tea is great for energy and biting fat because it's good for your metabolism. So I drink it unsweetened if I'm thirsty not just water all the time haha

  6. It's not hard to stop getting sugar just cut out all baged and canned foods drink plenty of water. Drink cinnamon and nutmeg tea it stops bad food cravings. Drink multivitamins and zinc in the morning you'll notice a difference.

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