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Welcome to my 2018 Giveaway, exactly where you have a chance to win a bunch of the natural and organic goodness you have been seeing me use and boost all 2017. This is my way of saying THANK YOU and a way to give back again to you for viewing, subscribing, and supporting my channel all calendar year extensive. I do these giveaway’s every single calendar year and I am so delighted that this calendar year it’s more substantial than last year’s! GET Psyched!

See shots, policies and facts on my website!

Policies/Facts TO ENTER:
Open up from Jan ten – Feb 1th 2018
13 winners will be chosen by me

one. Open up only for United states

2. SUBSCRIBE to my channel

3 . Leave one comment below this movie
Tell me why you’d like to win or what you’re most excited about.
* Close your comment with your name and one social media name or email (your alternative) so that I can speak to you a lot easier, if you’re chosen as a winner.


one bag with 3 Innersense Natural and organic Splendor Hair Products

one bag with 2 Seed Phyto Nutrients Hair Products

3 Eco Tools Products (brushes, face cleanser, duo sponge)

3 lip glosses trio from JUICE Splendor

one box of 6 Derma e pores and skin care items
* 6 of the twelve folks will get my Radiant Glow Oil

one matte or anti-growing older lipstick from one hundred% Pure
* colours will change for each winner

The subsequent prizes will be dispersed between all 13 winners:
Juice Splendor Bins
– 1st box incorporates: (Makeup Bag)
natural and organic mascara, illuminating primer, product blush eco resources mini sponge
– 2nd box incorporates:
3 pores and skin care items from the stem mobile collection

one hundred% Pure
(2) coffee bean eye lotions
(one)Green tea fiber brow gel
(one) Prolonged last lip liner
(one) Berry Nectar Facial area Cleanser

Antonym Cosmetics:
2 Unlimited Summer time Highlights
one Rose Blush

TATA HARPER Box: (3 items)
Nourishing Oil Cleanser
Smoothing Human body Scrub
Resurfacing Facial area Mask

Eminence Natural and organic Pores and skin Care: (4 items)
Monoi age corrective night time product
Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant
Bamboo Firming Fluid
Lavender age corrective night time focus

ILIA (5 cosmetics)
Multi Stick
Tinted lip conditioner
3 satin lip crayons

(one) Coola Sunless Tan Facial area Serum

You should not despair fix deep conditioning mask
Scalp Revival Charcoal Micro-exfoliating Shampoo

Sky Organics:
Bubble Box with 4 bath bombs

Trunk with nine items!

Which is ALL People! Good luck to everybody 🙂

*This movie is not sponsored*


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  1. I would like to win because I am 5 months pregnant with my first child (a girl like you☺️) and I’ve been trying to go 100% natural and organic for a while and this would help a lot. This will help giving me the push to to change my lifestyle up and so when my daughter gets here I’ll could do the same for her. ❤️

  2. Hi!!!

    I would like to win because I am choosing to change my life. This is my first year in college, and I have plenty of mistakes that I believe came from insecurity. Insecurity stemmed from within, but it took over physically. I attempted to try and “fix” myself with unhealthy relationships, toxic friendships, and make-up. I believe there is a way to gaining confidence by appreciating yourself for who you are and one of those things is your natural beauty. I would like to win these natural products because I would like to start a regimen to live a healthier lifestyle inside and out. I am looking forward to this process as a positive journey i plan to embark. I am going to start working out and eating better, but I would also like to start wearing my natural hair more and taking better care of my skin. Since I am a college student the giveaway would help a lot. Thank you so much for your consideration and god bless you

    Love, Seriah
    Instagram: sauahan

  3. What am I most excited about? I’ve been following you for years and am excited about your pregnancy and you sharing about your beautiful family! I also love the products, especially the curly hair products. Cheers!
    Instagram: Beebz802

  4. Yes! I look forward to any and all your videos and have been watching forever. I actually signed up for the cleaning supplies you made a video of because I am trying to be more clean and organic all around especially in regards to my skin. I am 25 and struggling with crazy breakouts I’ve never had before and I think natural and organic products will hell me so much! Congrats on your daughter, hope this year brings your lots of blessings! And definitely more videos with Manny and his orange glasses lol (IG: jfuee_)

  5. I’m so excited I would love love love Tata Harper. I already buy your rose hip oil from derma e even my 7 yr old uses that. I shared with you I became a vegan but my face still hated me and just recently my face cleared up. I used tata Harper but it’s $60 for 1 cleanser. Thank you for the chance! Email: Tamaramaustin@yahoo.com

  6. I would love to win because this year is the first year that i've made a vision board and ironically becoming organic is on there, but unfortunately organic things are quite expensive for a full time college student and this giveaway would be such a huge help in my journey! my name is danielle and you can reach me through my email! littleteka96@yahoo.com thank you for your consideration!

  7. Hey Alba, Thank you for being such a beautiful person inside and out. This give away really show how grateful you are to us, ( your Subscribers). I haven't treated myself with beauty products in a long time because I am always giving to my family so I have forgotten about ME. Regardless if I win or not, I hope that those who win, really enjoy such a wonderful gift and know, That they deserve it. Congrats on your pregnancy you are a wonderful mother. toniburnettcobb Facebook.

  8. Hi Alba! You were the first non-toxic/ organic youtuber i have ever come across. You have inspired me so much to change my ways and doing a lot of research to educate myself on the dangers of not being organic and non toxic. i have gone as far as telling all my friends and family about the dangers. we are constantly checking the Think Dirty app and reading ingredients (something we used to never do). I would love to win because i have recently cleared up most of my acne due to natural and organic products. I went to college thinking it was going to be a great experience, but i was super insecure about my skin. Here i am a year later, (almost) acne free. This couldn't be possible without watching your videos. P.S. i love how you have a separate Spanish channel because my mom only speaks Spanish and we love watching you! my instagram is @hey.leen

  9. I am really excited about this give away. I love this channel! I first and foremost want to thank you for making this channel, it has transformed my entire perspective on healthy products. I have been watching your channel for a while and you're so sweet and so very inspiring! I'm very proud to say that you've changed my life, in the way that I feel more comfortable and confident about my skin. This channel has offered so much knowledge and advice to the average young woman. Thanks to you, I never had to ask anyone embarrassing feminine products questions, you covered everything! Thanks to you and you're husband I've become more knowledgeable in the importantance of investing in my health and SKIN! I would REALLY like to win this give away because I love the this channel and I would like to start this new year with new healthy skin products!
    Thanks again! And keep being you!
    IG: stephaniesingroy

  10. I would to win this because first of all, you have been an inspiration & hope for me to reach that clear skin. I’ve deal with insecurities all my teenager years ever since high school but I’m 22 now & seeking to be able to love me as I am. I’m in the process of taking steps to buy & try products that can help me with that (dark spots, acne, scars on my face & body). The bully I went through during high school dragged me into depression that I’m still fighting until today’s day. I can never find the right products for my extra sensitive skin because anything just make worse. Winning those products would create a hope in me to better my skin for once in my life!!!! I’m a college student & hurts to go broke for products that just keep making my skin worst….I really hope you pick me as you reading this. & I just want to thank you for all the information you share with so much honesty in your videos!!!! Truly admire you deeply!

    My twitter is: jhen6___
    IG: jhen_vasquezz

  11. Not long ago I have found your channel and I'm COMPLETELY obsessed! I would like to win because my Mom's birthday is coming up in March and I would really really really LOVE to get her a present. Since she has always been a hero for me I'd like to show her that I can be a hero too. Thank you for making this giveaway.
    My snapchat is: Aliciaax03

  12. Aloha Alba! First off, you are such an inspiration! A little about me, I am a college student studying psychology. But aside from that I have been working on research that looks at the medicinal properties of native Hawaiian plants (I am from the Big Island so naturally this is something that is greatly valued culturally). I say this because, the research I have done and recent experiences have led me to direct my lifestyle into a more organic and sustainable route. Your channel has offered me so much insight into numerous, alternative products out there as well as tips for CURLY HAIR! Growing up I struggled with embracing my wild curls (I am Portuguese and Puerto Rican). Now I let them run free, because my curls are me:) Thank you for adding to my curly confidence! Anyways, I want to win because I would like to, of course, try out these products and continue to support such companies. I am most excited about this giveaway in general because this is a great way to spread aloha to your followers, and honestly who ever wins this is just gonna be so blessed:) Mahalo nui Alba!      Instagram: tifaine.c

  13. Hi Alba! well .. I don't have anything jazzy to say.. but I will be honest. I want to win one of your give away prizes because I have a goal to improve my lifestyle and to become a healthier me. I joined a gym and now I am looking into better food choices, skincare choices and hair/ a whole body rejuvenation! I have been watching your channel for at least two years now and I just love the movement that you and your husband and son are on concerning health and healthy lifestyle. you inspire me, truly! Plus..I never really win anything..(LOL) so if I am going to win anything I would love to win healthy organic boosters for my goal of a better me (inside and out)!
    my name is India. I don't use a lot of social media except G-mail and YouTube as a part of my goal to not get too caught up in it.. but my g-mail is lacherylchukes@gmail.com.

  14. Hi alba! I would love to win this giveaway because I want to feel more confident with wearing less makeup. I think using the these quality products is key. You have such beautiful glowing skin! I am in love with organic products but am not always able to afford them. I hope to give some to friends as well so they can see how great they are. My email is shannonljosephson@gmail.com

  15. Hi Alba. I just wanna say I love love love your videos! I would like a chance to win because I recently have started to live an organic and toxic free lifestyle. Watching your videos inspired me to go in this direction. I even got some of my friends and family to make changes in their lives as well. I live in a small tower so it’s not always easy for me to find nontoxic products. This giveaway would help out a lot. Not just for me but my friends and family as well. Thank you for a chance to win and keep up with the beautiful work you’re doing. My name is Kieashia email is Kieashiad@Gmail.com or IG: bubba.ki

  16. Hello my name is Kai my Snapchat is kaiykai I’m actually on my boyfriend YouTube account I’ve been a viewer I just recently subscribed to you under his account.. I moved to the state of WV with him to stay with family of his & our 16 month old son & the day after Christmas the house we were living in burned down due to faulty electrical wiring & we lost everything. You’re actually one of the reasons why I tried to go full organic with skin care the way I eat & this lifestyle is kinda of expensive & with losing everything I have to budget myself so I would like to win just so I can gain organic products that I’ve once lost I’ve never had these high end organic products but I would use brands such as shea moisture & things I would find at a health food store at reasonable prices but yeah it’s just a few reasons why I would like to win

  17. I just want to tell you that Because of you I have been transitioning to green beauty for the past two years. You inspired me to be more conscious of the types of chemicals we put on our bodies on a daily basis….it's been a hard journey but definitely worthy, so Thank you❤️!
    Instagram: Carriaza16

  18. Hiiiii! Honestly I'm mostly excited to try either the Derma E skincare or Eminence Skin Care products. I've have eczema, and sensitive skin so I usually have to use heavy products to keep it under control. It would be nice to try something natural. You could find me on Instagram: _nicebynature . Thank you, love your channel!

  19. Hi, I am a new subscriber and I think everything you do is absolutely for the benefit of your viewers. Keep making great videos and I wish you and your family the best. I will continue to watch as long as you keep making videos. I don’t have any social media accounts so I would like to say to whomever the winners are….congratulations!!! Thank you Alba.

  20. I would love to win because all of these products are great natural products I strive for when it comes to my sensitive, combination skin. I love natural glowy products that work on the overall health of my skin. Would def. be excited to add these items to my skincare routine. Congratulations again to your family for your new edition, Blessings to you all!! <3 -Shanell IG:sun_shineshanell <3

  21. I would like to win because I want my family to be healthier. I have started many times but I can't afford to continue for more than 2 weeks at a time. Anything to try to get me started again would be helpful. I would love to try out the Briogio mask. I have been looking for a good deep conditioner my daughter and myself for years. Or the skin care for me and my daughter. Really I would be grateful for anything. Trying things from you would help to figure out what works best for us on a super tight budget ( I can buy what I now works without trying new products). My name is Tamica and I can be reached at blandit@gcsnc.com. By the way what is the name of your oil and do you know how much it cost on Derma E?

  22. I would like to win because I've been struggling with my skin and feel like I've tried everything. One of my New Years Resolution was to finally get my skin under control. Would Love to win the Drunk Elephant products! I also wanted to say that I love your channel, My mom and I have adopted alot of organic and natural ways of living because of you and her health has definitely improved so thank you!! <3 <3 
    Email: nicole.dramsey@gmail.com IG: hereisnicky

  23. I would like to win because i am going to be trying for a baby this year and i want to do as much as i can to cut out bad chemicals and detox myself. I started out this year with Whole30 and to be able to switch out some of my other items would be awesome. I have an older daughter with autism and following in your lead we are trying to lead a more organic and pure life!
    My name is Naima and i follow you on IG nai_nai88 . Thank you so much for this giveaway!! Be blessed

  24. It would be such a blessing to win some of these products. I started watching your channel about 3 years ago when I decided to “go natural” and show off my curls. I had zero clue of how to care for my hair until I watched your channel. It changed me. I was able to teach my sisters how to care for their hair. I also try to be an advocate for natural beauty to the young girls I teach at school. You have truly been an inspiration to me with your passion for natural beauty and a clean lifestyle. I would love to win so I can share these products with my sisters, my students and keep trying to be a light for them.
    I don’t do social media because I am a teacher. But here is one of my email accounts francisa1631@gmail.com

  25. i’d like to win because i want to start using cleaner ingredient products. i find green beauty so fascinating and something i want to look into. i’m most excited about being able to replace my body care products i use now that don’t have the best ingredients with healthier ingredient products, so this would be a great way to start off! My name is Joyce and my instagram is Joyceemaddison.

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