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Nash Jocic cooks for you significant protein-very low carb breakfast with best amino acid stability from eggs and very low fat cottage cheese in minutes! This is what he calls best breakfast that will give you all the nutrition you have to have in the morning, retaining you contented for hours and also assisting you to stay in wonderful shape by burning your overall body fat as the main gasoline!


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  1. Can somebody tell this idiot that new age studies shows that… CHOLESTEROL PRODUCES TESTOSTERONE?! What a fucking waste of egg yolks. So much protein and omega fatty acids in those yolks uggghhhh!

  2. You really have it all backwards! Egg yolks are the most nutritious part of the egg, and egg whites don't have a lot of taste to them. If anything, you should eat the yolks and throw out the whites (but how about just eating the whole egg?)

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