Food scheduling: Keto Foods on My Desk this 7 days

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Shopping sales and scheduling forward saves me time and cash! You can uncover all of the recipes I outlined in my cookbook, which is accessible on Amazon.


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  1. Hi from Eastern NC! Went to school in Boone, and my dorm was right behind the Dan'l Boone Inn, so I know all about that country ham! Enjoying your videos while I embark on a new lifestyle!

  2. Love your vids, ordered your book etc and the cost for your meals are great! Out west not so good, eggs about 3.00, hamburger $. . and so on. I will research for the sales. Thank you so very much. Blesings.

  3. Such a grotesque diet… Not only for your health, but for the environment and animals. I don't know what the hell is with all these people that think gorging themselves on animal products is healthy but they are all delusional. You've never had success with any lifestyle? Have you even tried whole food veganism?? I guarantee if you had you would see not only great health and weight results, but it would be sustainable for yourself and the environment. Think beyond yourself and your family. This lifestyle is killing you and the planet.

  4. You seem like such a kind person. Thank you for sharing your success with keto. I don't have heath problems per say, I have infertility problems and have found a lot of women have had success with getting pregnant with keto. Have you found any research that supports that, since I know you love research:), ps. me too!

  5. Thanks, Kristie! I recently bought your cookbook. I also recently had a vsg surgery. Slowly transitioning to "real food," and it will be keto all the way, will your help! Thanks again!

  6. I started keto 6 weeks ago and am always looking for new recipes! This meal plan looks great! I just started my own channel and plan to do recipes and meal plans as well. I hope that I get to be as professional as you!!!

    Always enjoy your videos!

  7. Hi Kristie~ I have watching your videos for over a year now, and have been so blessed and helped! I have been meaning to ask you something about oat fiber? Do you find that it makes baked goods "gritty?" I have heard it said that it does. Thanks, and keep up the great, inspiring work! Blessings to you and your whole family : )

  8. you hit it on the nail I look for sales and it saves me a lot of money. I bought organic chicken thighs boneless skinless for 3.53 was the highest I bought four and I stuffed one pack with cream cheese wrapped in bacon. and I got two pounds of uncured bacon for 5.99

  9. Once again a wonderful and practical video. Great shopping and planning for the week.
    We had your grandmother's spinach salad and dressing tonight from the cookbook.
    DH says to please keep the salad coming. He brought home a huge bag of spinach from Cost Co.
    The other recipe today was your version of Soul Bread with oat fiber. That is delicious
    and my loaf was gorgeous. Your recipe made one loaf and six lovely muffins.
    Thanks so much. I can't believe I now weigh 146 from 225.

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