How I GREW OUT MY Slim EDGES On Natural Hair

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Hey beauties!
Here’s a movie wherever I explore how to increase edges normally! I am sharing some of the all-natural remedies I made use of when i first went all-natural..As a new all-natural at that time I recognized that my edges and also the back of my hair were being Very weak and skinny…These are just some of my opinions and recommendations of class some might see issues in another way! There is certainly not significantly distinction in my edges movie compared to my “how I grew my extensive hair” movie we are just now focusing on the edges mainly because they much too are apart of our wholesome hair journey 🙂

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❤️TIPS TO Develop EDGES❤️
-When you see your edges breaking a great deal capture it before it will get actually bad (do a little something about it)
-Use Natural clear goods on edges
-Do not just not set everything on your edges..they need to have treatment much a suggestion if you don’t like edge handle is water and then an oil foundation on top rated
-Do scalp massages (on edges specifically)
-When Cleansing your experience tie your hair up with a scarf so that its not easing onto your hairline
-Rest on satin pillowcases, cotton absorbs the dampness out of your hair which bring about lots of breakage (DRY HAIR EQUALS BREAKAGE)
JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL CAN BE Located ON AMAZON, Aloe Vera,Vit E oil can be found at whole food items
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Nutritious living is Attractive! Be wholesome!


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  1. Another great video! I admire your Informative take on the issue of thinning edges instead of making the issue a joke, Your taking time to help people! This is what makes you unique and the sweet person that you are!

  2. IGNORE all the comments saying you talk to much! People want the easy way out and just want the solution, but they won't even know if they're doing some of these things which is causing their edges to stunt in growth! Love the tips.

  3. exacty it's like your body in a sense..when you take a shower you don't skip washing your butt or armpits lol same with your hair when you take care of it you need to moisturize and care for allll including the edges makes sense to me..great tips love

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