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Delightful Chilli hen By Granny.


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  1. i request to u country foods kindly take care of granny she really needs of treatment her left eyes effected from cataract and also she has not teeth to proper chew the food if u people earning money coz of her so u ll ve to care of her health she is quite weak and sick need to proper rest and treatment she is not only tool of earning money for u she is human being and old enough so should be cared that much

  2. Grandma is so adorable. Most here in America have no idea what it's like to be one with nature. Everything is just there for us, and we take it for granted. I watch these videos to live vicariously through the people in these videos like Gramma, just to get a sense of what living next to nature and sharing this kind of special love is really like. We don't share our food in America, we don't sit outside while preparing our food. And if we were to say prepare our food outside, to have any kind of flies around would mean we bring the food indoors and finish preparing there. I envy the way you live and love and share. Thanks for this channel.

  3. Simply authentic dish and changed our perception about food that we call chilli chicken from Chinese cuisine but here it is a dish of chicken with lots of chilli…love you amma.

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