nine Indications Of Unhealthy and Ruined Natural Hair (ALL HAIR Types)|Natural Care

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Unhealthy hair is so not entertaining! and whats even worst is striving to determine out whats balanced and what is not! So in this video clip I enable you identify the harm strands! these are nine signals that ordinarily suggest Ruined harmful hair!
→My Pal Brittany’s Study:

* Points Pointed out IN THIS Video
breakage, hair decline, weakened finishes,split finishes, useless finishes, long weakened hair, porosity, deficiency of dampness, boring hair, brittle hair, lifeless hair, wash regimens, routines, diets, using car or truck of your organic hair properly, elasticity

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Healthy dwelling is Beautiful! Be balanced!


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  1. I watched this after i cut all my brittle hair off…i cut my ends every day and now my hair looks like Amber Rose…not saying her hair is bad just using her as a reference

  2. hey, Im 7 months in to my natural hair journey, i was not relaxed or colour treated i just straightened my hair all the time. Ive cut off all of my damaged straight ends and my hair is growing, striving and looking amazing except for one section. I have one small section in the front of my head that will not clump together and curl. no matter what i do it will not hold a curl it only frizzes, i don't know how to fix it cuz I've already cut it so much and i deep condition every week

  3. Every time I wash my hair I always get single strand knots. I cut them out but it seems like no matter what I do I always continue to get them after detangling and washing my hair. Any tips to avoid that from happening? Gorgeous hair btw

  4. My hair used to be very dry and damaged and very frizzy because I used heat so much. I stopped using heat (used to straighten it so much everyday) about 4-5 years ago and my hair is very healthy, smooth and soft. My hair grows so quickly and it is now down butt. Now I just embrace my wavy hair everyday and never use heat.

  5. I bleach my hair twice a year for two years now. I have my hair fall out when I'm stressed and not sleeping well. I eat healthy and try my best to moisturize my hair and do protein masks every time I wash my hair. I think my hair is getting healthier…. I think.

  6. Gurl!! I love you hurrrrrr!!! Gurl your so lucky. I have only been 2 years and 5 months natural and the struggle is real. Thanks for the great Tips. Any small youtubers want to support eachc other and I promise to sub back:) Stay Blessed.

  7. I have heat damage. Some parts are straight and I have 3c curls. It's always dry. About a week or two ago I started oiling my scalp doing a deep conditioner not shampooing everyday and I didn't use heat for a month. Just in a short amount of time my hair got moisturized shiner and healthier

  8. so my curls shrink up, a lot but it doesn't bounce back, it's just has no elasticity, any suggestions? I was considering doing a protein treatment, do you think that would help.

  9. I hear you about the health part. That is so important. Heat damage is common for those who use high heat to straighten their hair. I have made several videos about hair growth and even showed my hair growth in videos from 2011 and 2012 on my Youtube Channel. Also on my channel I talk about hair health. I recently uploaded a video about 15 ways to grow out your hair and I talk about health and diet.

  10. That happened to me. I had relaxed ends and my hair was matted and a hot mess and it was a TWA. I didn't realized until I cut it off that that was the reason…my twist wouldn't even hold

  11. the only sign I got was split ends but when i was transforming i did not get no type curls until i started using natural hair products its was all puffy and for some reason my hair gets very dry but i put oil in it the moister go away the next day

  12. Back when my hair was damaged, I only ever "cut" my hair when I saw texture difference, white dots (due to heat damage) or split ends. Now I have pretty healthy hip+ length hair. Last November I cut it back to hip from classic length (butt length) hair. You can do S&D missions (search & destroy) missions and cut individual splits or white dots out. It is pretty common at the longhaircommunity. This way you don't need to cut all of the hair off!

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