How To: Mature Long Healthful Hair! + Updated Haircare Program/Recommendations

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Check out MY Most recent HAIRCARE Online video Below! (Updated!) *

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Hiiiiii my babies πŸ™‚ I’m so thrilled to upload this for you! My earlier haircare video clip was fairly well known so I’m thrilled to share my new ideas/tricks to increasing and keeping healthy hair! Essential phrase listed here is Healthful πŸ™‚ I repeat a couple of of the issues I said in my earlier video clip but I go much more in depth and am much more crystal clear about the actions that I took to get my hair this size. This is a incredibly very requested video clip and a lot of of the subjects I touch on are centered on all of the repetitive inquiries in the remarks part of my earlier hair treatment video clip which I will link down beneath! Thank you so a lot for observing, xo Donut πŸ™‚

Products and solutions:

The Wet Brush:
Chi Argan Oil Shampoo:
Chi Argan Oil Conditioner:
Chi Argan Oil Rejuvenating Mask:
Chi Argan Oil (therapy oil) :

Pura D’Or Shampoo:
Pura D’Or Conditioner:

Nume Argan Oil:

Living Evidence Blow Out Spray:

On My Lips: MAC Velvet Teddy

On My Lashes: Much too Faced Improved Than Sex Mascara (nothing else)

On My Browssssz: Anastasia Beverly hills Dip Brow in Chocolate πŸ™‚


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  1. I bought the Black Wet Brush Pro you had in your last video I didn't realize you changed brushes.Β  My question is… is it okay to still use it or should I use the one you have in this video? I'm a perfectionist can you tell lol??

  2. How do you know if the brush is original or not? I've seen a couple that say The "Wet" Brush, and also just Wet brush. I got mine at Sally's and it says Wet brush.. IDK if the way its written has to do with it being real or fake.

  3. I love your site & have been watching you. As far as your hair it's beautiful. I have very long hair as like yours & thicker. I agree about the coconut oil. If your interested I use Vatika Oil which is used for Asian women or just any women with long hair. I use sulfate free shampoo & conditioner which comes in Vatika as well. Vatika oil comes in almond, coconut & a few others which I mix them & use as much as I need to soak my hair & wear the oil for about 12 hrs. I braid after I oil it up for the hrs I leave it in. I dry my hair now & then if a I want straight hair but I have wavy hair but it takes 4 to 5 hrs to dry my hair. I would like to try your products.

  4. Dona!!. I have a question, what are your thoughts about the 'Karatin Treatment'? I'm thinking about getting it done but I am afraid it will cause damage!. Love your videos!!.

  5. I put coconut oil in my hair last week, and i put a show cap on a went to bed. the next morning, i washed it out and omg my hair was so silky and awesome,
    and yesterday i put a egg mask on my hair and my hair has grown so much

  6. Did I hear you correctly? You have fine hair?????
    If so then you're my inspiration. I've never seen anyone with long, healthy hair that had fine hair. Never thought it would even be possible for me to have long hair. I have fine, thin hair that breaks if you look at wrong. I thought I was cursed with having to have short hair forever. I will certainly be trying your suggestions. You've given me hope that maybe I can have long healthy hair after all.

  7. Thank you so much.. I'm currently on a hair journey to long hair. Trying real hard to be patient and invest the time and effort in healthy hair. Your advice gives me hope I will get there maybe at the end of the year.

  8. actually yes it matters what brand of coconut oil you use. Organic, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil will do you the most justice and will give you the most beneficial results. any oil can seal your hair and add shine but if it's not organic cold pressed and unrefined it will not PENETRATE and give you the nutrients you need

  9. U talk so much and so fast but so interesting to listen for u and I really enjoyed in ur experience I really thanks full for u and u really encourage me to keep care love you from Iraq

  10. Oh my FUCK the old video was one of my go-to videos for when I kind of forgot to take care of my hair since late November 2014 and THERE IS AN UPDATE I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THAT CAME OUT?? Shiet.

  11. +Dona Camaj — any recommendations for up-do's / hairstyles for long hair that help avoid hair breakage? to keep hairs from breaking off at the hair-tie, you know?

    btw LOVE your channel !! new subscriber !! hope you can keep it coming and i understand chronic anxiety so no pressure and hope you find some peace with it πŸ™‚

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