Finest SKINCARE of 2017

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Here are all of my Holy Grail Skincare Faves of 2017!
xo’s ~ Tati
» » » Moreover I have the Clarisonic promo all over again » » » (specifics down below)

Clarisonic promo code use TATI2018
– fifteen% off all unit sets and all brush heads, which includes the new brush head tins, Sonic Foundation Brush and Firming Massage Head
– 20% off Good Profile Uplift


✔ S N A P C H A T

✔ I N S T A G R A M

✔ T W I T T E R

✔ F A C E B O O K

✔ E M A I L

I acquired anything myself, besides for the Clarisonic unit and attachements which were given to me by Clarisonic. I am not receiving any commission from the Promo Code, and there are no affiliate back links.

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  1. This would seriously be an amazing win for me! It would definitely help my practice better self care resolution! I don’t have very much makeup so I don’t do it very often. I plan to fix that lol! My fav moisturizer is innisfree green tea by the way. I am obsessed with it! IG @dkasmom

  2. omg yas tati!!!! You are always killing it and I love this video!!! I have struggled with acne and skin problems for around 3 1/2 years. I have tons of deep dark scars on my cheeks, but I finally started and finished my first, and hopefully last, round of accutane! I want to get a great routine and I will definitely incorporate some of these products in it!! Thank you tati and love you❤❤

  3. I’d love to win the giveaway because I have loved makeup for what seems like forever and I love experimenting with new stuff, but it’s so expensive and this would give me a great chance to try some amazing products

  4. Thanks for all the great information! I love that you try so many things, and share how they work with your skin, so we can compare/contrast how it would work with our own. I find that many things you say are similar to what I’ve learned about my own skin. I don’t mind spending a little(or a lot) extra on a product that really works. Happy 2018 (and good luck, in everything you do) to everyone!!!

  5. Love you Tati! My birthday just passed and winning your giveaway would be a great way to start out 2018! Thank you for being so generous and a great role model 🙂 Wishing you and James nothing but the best this year!!! Xo

  6. Tati you continue to inspire and educate. I watch your videos in the morning while I'm getting ready and it's make the best start to my day. I'd love the chance to be one of the winners in your giveaway so I can try a bunch of new products I wouldn't be able to afford on my own.

  7. I would love to win because I would take the products and make YouTube videos with them! I've had a YouTube channel for a couple years but haven't had the confidence to upload but if I won I would 100% start! I love you!!

  8. Hello Tati!
    I think your one of the most realest beauty reviewer out here, you tell the truth about anything in order for your viewers to know whats up with these products!! I think anyone who watches your videos consistently and loves you deserves to win your giveaways. I hope that i win as one of those people but no matter what ill always continue to watch. May god bless you as you keep moving forward in 2018!! And dont forgot still waiting on your own makeup line to be coming out☺️


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