Is Rice Healthful?

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Dr. Axe below and currently I am answering the problem, “Is rice healthy” and conveying the difference amongst white rice and brown rice.

My remedy is that it seriously relies upon on you. I will present you the professionals and cons of rice and go over what I think is the healthiest rice currently. There is a debate currently about if you must take in rice or not:

⁃ The paleo food plan group suggests to continue to be grain cost-free and hence that rice is not nutritious
⁃ Chinese drugs followers and vegans think rice can be an extraordinary superfood

I think there is validity to both of those but it relies upon on the man or woman and on the preparing of the rice.

Rice to continue to be absent from: Refined White Rice- (this is not jasmine or basmati rice but the sticky white rice from quick foods or Chinese dining establishments.)

Rice Cons:
• Fiber, minerals and natural vitamins have been removed.
• Research reveals that individuals are twice as likely to acquire diabetic issues as opposed to all those feeding on complete grain brown rice.
• Has phytic acid (enzyme inhibitor) which retains you from absorbing and digesting natural vitamins and minerals.
• Has proteins that are tough to digest

Rice Execs:
• Complete grain brown rice is large in B3 which is fantastic for coronary heart wellness.
• Complete grain brown rice is large in selenium which supports the thyroid and kidneys.
• Particular types of rice have GABA, a neurotransmitter, that can guidance the mind and will help lessen stress as very well as guidance fat burning capacity.

So….is rice nutritious? Is brown rice nutritious? It relies upon on how it is well prepared. I think that
if rice is soaked and sprouted then it unlocks the natural vitamins and minerals vs . most rices that are not sprouted.

I individually take in an organic and natural rice from the company, Legitimate Roots. It is a germinated brown rice (soaked and sprouted) which kills off phytic acid and is easier to digest.

In Chinese drugs, seem up “qi” or “chi.” They think that short grain brown rice maximize your body’s “qi” which is your body’s lifetime source and electrical power. It is regarded as to be one of the #one therapeutic food items and I suggest to my sufferers to make a “congee” with chicken bone broth, brown rice and greens this sort of as carrots, and celery. This chicken vegetable rice soup is therapeutic and nourishing to the system.

In conclusion, is rice nutritious? Certainly, it can be if you are accomplishing sprouted rice that is usually well prepared.
Just, continue to be absent from white refined rice that is void of natural vitamins and minerals and can result in a spike in your blood sugar and insulin amounts.


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  1. Wow, loved how you explained about rice sprouting because when I eat rice I always feel bloated and horrible I think I can't digest it. will look for that brand or something that says it's been sprouted. Thanks DR Axe.

  2. No grains are needed in the human diet ! I’m free of grains , potatoes, fruits and sugars and lost and maintained a 40 lbs weight lose ! Go LCHF diet , eat butter and bacon and lose weight !

  3. Must read this: I am a American and my wife is Filipina from the Philippines, my wife eats white rice ar least 6 to 7 times a week so I been eating it lot of white rice the last 3 years, my answer to white rice is Don't eat it to much, my wife just lays in bed all the time. She never has any energy at all, her hair is falling so bad and I think she has high blood pressure as well, could this possible be from eating to much white rice which we buy a lot of it from the Chinese food story, I am also falling apart since I been eating it as well, and my blood pressure is on the rise to according to my doctor who is now checking me every 6 months for that now, is all that rice putting us in such bad shape, we also have a kid that is almost 16 months that eats a lot of rice and he can't even walk yet, could the rice be doing all the damage to all 3 of us?

  4. be really careful with bone broth. Consumed it for a year not realizing that bones release metals and all manner or toxins. Got really sick. Heavy metal poisoning, Couldnt work. Had terrible long term consequence. JUST DONT think about bone broth.

  5. I really really appreciate when someone explains the video's content in the description. That's such a great thing to do and help grasp things more clearly. Much Love! God bless you Dr.

  6. Whole grain rice is far better than that bowl of ice cream they are serving cancer patients in hospitals where doctors and nurses claim to be in the health care business as they are feeding their patients carcinogenic sugar. Beware of anyone claiming to be a professional who doesn't give you sound advice.

  7. Dr Axe, If you consume too much rice like us Asian do, You will gain belly fat in no time. I somehow exclude myself from that category because of my sexy flat belly. 😀

  8. Sorry Dr Axe.. if I may contradict you, those anti nutrients you are advising us to despise are more prevalent in foods you solicit us to eat(fibre rich food is richer in anti nutrients)…Excessive consumption of those .e.g. Brown rice is responsible for leacky gut syndrome(Hence Gaps Diet)…None in Rice eating countries consume brrroownnnnn rice as it is brainchild of hippi western culture who never ate rice before few decades….White rice, White flour is much healthier and digestible than brown stuff…

  9. doesn't white rice has no phitic acid or enzyme inhibitors? Only brown rice does? Besides, you should not consume rice to obtain vitamins and minerals just like you should not consume large amounts of dark chocolate to consume iron and manganese, besides, white rice is usually paired with something else like beans or veggies???

  10. if Rice is so bad for you HOW COME THE PHILIPPINES have gaines so much population over the years. Rice is their main dish.. They eat rice 3 times a day in a big portion… not just one scope but almost they filled their plate with rice..
    tell me why aren't they all dead? lol im filipino and eat rice all my life..

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