Intermittent Fasting Food Program – How to Get rid of Body weight Quick 10Kg with Intermittent Fasting Food plan

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Intermittent Fasting Food plan – Whole Working day Program with Food Timings & Alternatives | How to Get rid of Body weight Quick ten Kgs with Intermittent Fasting Food plan – Fasting For Body weight Reduction | How to Get rid of Body weight Quick ten Kgs with Whole Working day IF Food plan
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Zero Calorie Infused Water Recipes:
Flat Belly Food plan Consume :
Flat Belly Food plan Consume two :
Eggplant Water :
Lemon Rind Water :
Water For Body weight Reduction –

Tea / Coffee For Body weight Reduction :
Matcha Eco-friendly Tea –
Eco-friendly Tea –
Eco-friendly Coffee :
Ceremonial Matcha –

My Tips :
Spirulina :
Apple Cider Vinegar :
Himalayan Pink Salt :

Hen Recipes :
Lemon Pepper Hen :
Beet Hen:
Cabbage Hen:
Palak Hen

Veg Recipes :
Palak Paneer:
Spring Onion Sabzi :
Radish / Mooli Sabzi :
Tinda / Apple Gourd :
Spinach Corn :
Lotus Stem / Kamal Kakdi :

Super Body weight Reduction Roti – Collection
Oats Roti –
Sweet Potato Roti –
Peanut Roti –
Broccoli Roti –
Chia Roti
Basil Roti –
Rye Roti –

Super Body weight Reduction Roti Playlist:

Keto Food Program Stated-
Keto Food plan Program Non Veg :
Keto Food plan Program Vegetarian :
Keto Food plan Program Vegan :
Get Multi Natural vitamins
India :

US :
British isles :
Canada :

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Get Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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  1. I want to follow this diet bt have a few questions .
    1. How many roti can we have / or rice bowl ?
    2. Can we have protein (panner) in frt major meal .
    3. Can we have any of ur oatmeal recipe for one of the major meal ? .
    4. I want to have roti in both major meal how many can i have or in one day how many 1 can have bcz
    Thanks for ur video it is really helpful information hope u give reply when u can. Tnq .

  2. Zabarast vick…. such a beautiful voice u remember blessed.i am one of your older followers. Love u .just 1question can I have tea around 8am or 9am bcz can't move without tea…..pls reply

  3. Thank you Soo much Vicky.. clearly explained.. happy for this video.. started from to day itself.. will post u my results after one month.. thank you Soo much for your efforts..

  4. Can i take fig banana smoothie or papaya inch loss drink which u showed it before 2-3 days instead of dinner my point is that i m planning to take only lunch and skipping salt in dinner it will work in this plan pls reply

  5. hello mam
    i m going 2 try Indian Diet Plan 2 lose 10 kg in 10 days
    in that video u told about fat melter drink
    in egg plant drink i have 2 reuse d same eggpalnt,cucumber and lemon or i have 2 prepared it new
    mam plz reply me coz after 1 month i am going 2 marry that why i m asking
    so plz reply as soon as possible

  6. Hi vicky
    I am following the intermittent fasting from one week but not have lost even 1 kg.
    I don't know the reason.
    I fast from 10 pm to 2pm next day.
    Today I have seen your diet plan and will follow the same.
    I will report you after a week whether I have lost any weight.

  7. Hi Vicky, I am currently following IF(16/8) from past 2 days..since my office is from 8am to 5 pm, I am following the eating window from 8am to 4pm and fasting window from 4pm to next morning 8am, I am also working out in the morning around 6am .is this a corect pattern ? As I cannot follow 1pm to 9pm so I am sticking to this schedule. Please reply

  8. Thank you so very much for this plan. I was eagerly awaiting this video.
    I watched the Other two IF videos and have been fasting the last five days. I find 14 hours of fasting is better for me

    Already the inflammation in my body is going down and I have less pain.

    PS. I made your weight loss rotis which were a hit with my family.

    I hope that I lose spme weight but I am more interested in the other health benefits of IF.

  9. Hi vicky after 9 pm no eating need 2 start fasting so should we count the sleeping time also and the from 9 2 wat time to fast i mean the fasting time till wat and then at wat time 2 start the next meal

  10. Love the tips and proper explaination. Thank you. I have started intermittent fasting since a week. It is easy compared to all other diets. But I have a cup of milk tea without sugar every morning. Which I am unable to give up. Can this have any effect on my diet and weightloss? I just add quarter cup of milk to my tea. Thank you.
    You are really helping thousands of people lose weight in a healthy way.

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