How to Meal Prep – Ep. 56 – Rooster BROCCOLI SWEET POTATO

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This rapid Rooster Meal PREP will consider you just 20 minutes to make eight meals for your week! As we just moved into our new location, we went back to fundamental principles due to the fact we don’t have everything established up in our kitchen yet. Lots of mishaps take place in this episode as we navigate through our new kitchen! But we do sooner or later, end the recipe and have this attractive hen, sweet potato and broccoli meal prep!


Meal prepping will save you time, income and keeps you on track for your conditioning targets. If you are new to meal prepping, welcome! We are here to enable you with our complete series on HOW TO Meal PREP! We have meal prep for bodyweight decline, simple meal prep recipes and meal prep for bulking! If you are bulking, just double or triple the carb source in our recipes! Get pleasure from!


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one. Meals can last in your fridge for four-five times.
two. Just after that, freeze the meals, then consider out the night time right before you program to try to eat one and thaw in the fridge.
two. Reheat in a covered saute pan for a handful of minutes or try to eat chilly… or set in your Very hot Logic!

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Substances are to make eight Meals: But you can easily double or triple these elements to make extra!

1200g raw hen breast
1200g raw sweet potato
800g raw broccoli (about 3 heads)
10 tbsp olive oil
3-four tbsp of blended Italian herbs
one tsp tumeric
Salt and pepper to taste
(Come to feel free of charge to use whichever spices you would prefer)


MACROS for one Meal:

Calories: 470
Protein: forty
Carbs: 37
Fiber: eight
Sugar: eight
Excess fat: 18

*Macros calculated using MyFitnessPal*



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  1. I have a question… i buught 1200g raw chicken breast. After i cook it, all the chicken was 900g. I put 150g in every meal so i get 6 meals… i need to put less chicken for meal? Sorry for my bad english 😀

  2. Thank you for this! i got a question though; Is it alright if my sweet potato is more on the beigepale yellow color? its not orange like the ones i see on youtube. is it still healthy?

  3. LizBee from Stralia here mate. I only have one concern and that is when you run the water over the broccoli. Doesn't that take some of the nutrients out of the cooked veggies?

  4. Why are you using just Fahrenheit? America is the only country that still uses that outdated system. Would appreciate if you could tell us in degrees celsius too so I don't have to get out a calculator each time. Thanks, good video regardless though 🙂

  5. Just discovered i dont like tumeric at all, and now i know why u didnt mix the chicken with your hands, mine still yellow after the second day, should give a hint about that lol

  6. Reheating question: If I am just eating these at home, how do I reheat? I have meal plan containers but they can't go in the oven. Don't want to microwave. Eat cold? I don't need the HotLogic thing because I am just eating at home. Thank you great videos.

  7. I remember I was so relieved when the smoke alarm in our new apartment went off for the first time. It wasn't even that smokey, and that meant it worked well! In our last place, the smoke alarm didn't go off until our whole living room was on fire! o.O

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