MY Strategies TO Eliminate Belly Excess fat!

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  1. i am looking forward to start seeing the new me. i am so inspired by you, because being latina is hard too many temptations but quick question is there such thing as a cheat day or weaken because i am not vegan or vegetarian wanting to start to be but i am not 100% ready i do although am starting to eliminate things like pork and beef from my diet chicken is still hard for me and eggs and dairy @rawvana any tips?????

  2. Just after expending loads of time on Google, I'm pretty confident that "fizy unique plan" is the most reliable diet guide available over the net. Google it & experience it for yourself. I have dropped 14.8 pounds.

  3. I literally cried when I saw this video because it is so true!! at the moment I am trying to life raw vegan. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't and I always say to myself "tomorrow will be better" and most tines it doesn't work. today I learned that I have to live I reality (and not in a different world) and that every food I am eating will effects my future – in a good or bad way. But if I am eating healthy and I am getting active my "lifestyle will pays me off" and I will get a healthy (and thin) body. follow my journey on instagram

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