MY VEGAN SKINCARE Program (HOW I Clear MY Pimples *Speedy*)

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Today’s video is about my (vegan/cruelty-free) skincare schedule! Aka how I very clear/cleared my acne Speedy 🙂
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I didn’t absolutely demonstrate WHY I use vegan/plant based mostly products on my skin. The motives are:
A) they are pretty much Generally a lot less severe, which means that they is not going to dry out, burn off, or scar your skin. Some acne targeting products that i’ve utilised in the past (Proactive, Thoroughly clean & Clear, etc.) perhaps worked short phrase but in the conclude they still left my skin dried out and not emotion healthful, sometimes they’d even burn off my skin and leave not comfortable sensations (that sounded strange lol).
B) When products are VEGAN it suggests that they don’t contain any animal products (some facial products will contain weeeeeird animal ingredients….imagine bat poop and crushed beetles…). Also, if it can be vegan/cruelty free it suggests it will not be analyzed on animals. Who desires to use a item that arrived to existance just by the torture of yet another animal? Animals die and are dwelling in pure torture constantly due to animal screening. Choose cruelty free. Just do it.
C) YOUR Pores and skin ABSORBES *Every thing*!! The more typical normal NOT plant based mostly products (Neutrogena, Thoroughly clean & Thoroughly clean, And many others.) contain loads and Plenty of chemicals that straight away seep into your skin when you utilize them. Imagine applying people products for years and years. Imagine how considerably of people chemicals have seeped into your pores, then into your blood streams and effected (or will result) your human body. Gross and frightening, actually. So I like to select more organic products so whichever is seeping into my skin is benefiting me and is not some strange, man-built, chemicalized ingredient that I can not even pronounce.

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  1. Don't forget to check out BioClarity: and use my discount code SUPREME for 50% off your first month! (Ps- just want to bring up the topic of sponsorships and want to make sure you guys know that even though this is a sponsored video I really really like these products and everything that I said was 100% my own opinion. I would never promote any products that I don't genuinely like, for example I made sure to use these products for over 3 weeks and still use them daily before I decided to even promote them) <3

  2. "open up pores" is a lie. the heat and steam does not make the pores open up, it only makes the skin sweat. it is good for getting rid of some dirt but that's it. washing the skin with too warm water damages it, same with too cold. luke warm for washing, splash with cool water then toner and pat on moisturizing products.

  3. Jestem Polakiem from Australia and i'll stop eating meat (including kielbasa) if you let me take you out on a date. I may then start a vlog about the journey of my transition from a cold blooded Chili-Con-Carnivore to a Vegan Herbivorean Maximus Lettucearian

  4. I tried using sugar as a scrub a few months ago and it was wayy too harsh for my skin as I suddenly broke out around my mouth like crazy. But gladly I've found myself a great routine and amazing products now haha !

  5. your skin is glowing, your teeth are glowing, girl you are just GLOWIN! <3 I'm trying to get my teeth whiter, but i'm not sure what to do. I don't like oil-pulling because I like to drink that water in the morning bc i'm super dehydrated when I wake up. Do you have a new teeth-whitening routine? 🙂 <3

  6. unfortunately, a lot of white sugar isn't vegan – White sugar gets its color from a refining process that often involves the use of bone char, meaning even though it's not directly an animal product, it's not vegan…which sucks…

  7. Y don't you ever do a video because you want to not just because its sponsored.. I have nothing against being sponsored I just feel like recently everyone of your videos has only been made to present the sponsorship.. would be nice to see some original cami :/

  8. My daughter had terrible trouble with breakouts and blackheads. I did some research for her as she was getting very depressed over the situation and came across:

    I seriously think that every teen or adult with acne should follow this plan. It really helped my daughter. After two months following only half of the suggestions, her acne was under control and she was much more confident.

  9. This is exactly what I needed!!!! I’m going to try this product 🙂 I’ve been looking for natural acne remedies, ya girl is STRUGGLING.
    Random question, but are you by chance on a contraceptive pill? I’ve just recently went off mine and my hormones are going insane, I think that’s the route of the issue here :/ even when I was on the pill, I still broke out a lot, but now it’s 10048294x worse! Do you think this product would still help?

  10. I hate to be this person but why don’t you just say you’re on your period. ”That time of the month” always makes me annoyed, it sounds like women (or just people with periods) should be ashamed of the fact that they’re on their periods and they shouldn’t say what it is. Like it’s not a secret, about half of the human population bleed from their vaginas once a month. Period.

  11. Sugar can cause microtears on your face! Also sugar is a perfect substance for bacteria and they love consuming it. Be careful! Love your routine though and I love you

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