Major 10 Biggest Stoner Snack Foods

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Major 10 Stoner Snack Foods
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There are a bunch of stoner snack meals to fulfill your cravings, no matter whether you go for salty nuts, mac and cheese and popcorn, or sweet snack cakes, chocolate and cookies. If you’re hunting for snacks to fulfill the munchies, then seem no further more! WatchMojo helps you pick the best meals to try to eat when high (not that we condone that kinda matter, intellect you).

00:50 #10: Fast Food items
02:04 #nine: Snack Cakes
03:24 #8: Nuts
04:fifty one #7: Popcorn
05:53 #six: Mac & Cheese
06:52 #5: Chocolate
07:44 #four: Cookies
08:forty nine #three, #two & #one???

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  1. 1.tacos or torta.from across the street or burger wfries
    3.mexican candy
    4.sour gummies
    5.layz chips (flamin hot)
    6.yogurt with granola or oreo crums
    7.fruit with tajin
    8.coffie or hot coco w/bread
    9.marshmellow n stars ceral

  2. It's the weed, not the food. Shit let me smoke a couple g's, I'll eat: a sleeve of stale crackers, week-old leftover Lo Mein, then finish it off with a burnt outside, frozen inside hotpocket. And I'll think it's the greatest meal on earth.

  3. One time i was high as fuck and wanted cinnamon toast but I didn't feel like waiting for my bread to be toasted so I just ate a whole loaf of bread slice by slice while pouring cinnamon sugar into my mouth. It was so fucking good.

  4. My list(not in any specific order):
    1. Pancakes
    2. Brownies
    3. Those little cake things you put in a mug and microwave for a min
    4. Grilled Cheese
    5.Chips and Cheese
    6. Rice(weird af i know)
    7. Bananas
    8. A big ass glass of milk
    9. Mcdonalds
    10. Cereal

  5. If I'm reeeeallly &*() up all I want is veggies for some reason. Just stoned though it's like, Quesadillas -1, Ham 'n cheese sammich – 2 and mac n cheese – 3. Cheese is general lol

  6. Double whopper with cheese and bacon, onion rings and fries with aioli dipping sauce, raspberry lemonade with ice and a herseys pie. Twisties, Rashuns, Burger rings, toffee pops, squiggles, and a fat slab of caramel chunky KitKat with a trumpet ice cream.

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