Food stuff prep for the week – Ketogenic way of feeding on

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Below is what I will be feeding on this week. I hope you delight in and discover this practical on your keto/LCHF journeys as very well 🙂

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  1. Strain the chicken grease and add 1-2 TBSP to a bouillon drink (chicken). The fat makes any chicken dish very tasty actually (soups, or Keto casseroles). Good video tips since I am currently the only "Keto eater" in my house, this will help me stay on track, thanks!

  2. I would totally keep and use that chicken liquid. I do such all the time. Probably would surely keep it separate from other types of fat (bacon, etc.,) but use it for veggies, sauce with cream cheese to thicken and so on. 🙂

  3. You look extra pretty today. I love watching these videos on Sunday because I shop on Mondays. I am going to try the burger and egg combo this week. I also want to sautéed up some spinach this week. I have started a keto meals list on my phone as a idea go to. Weekends I need quick ideas because if my husbands cooks something for him and the kids, I need something for me. Look forward to the next video.

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