Entire Working day OF Taking in// Workout in Restoration//diet regime or food stuff flexibility?!

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The NEW Yr has arrived!!Nowadays I do a full working day of taking in and talk about resolutions or targets for 2018 and also talk a bit about exercising in restoration. I hope this 12 months has started out off nicely for you fellas, and you will continue to struggle to make it the greatest but!
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  1. i always used to freeze my yogurts! They taste so much better. My favourite was toffee flavour, because it tastes like fudge when you freeze it! Happy New Year and I hope Bernard will be leaving you soon : — *

  2. I'm 5'9 (1.80m) and I weigh 49 kilos. My doctor allowed me to excercise twice a week but Iam still underweight. I do enjoy excercising but I'm not at a healthy weight. Do you guys think I should/ 'am allowed' to excercise?

  3. yaaaay your reaction to jen bret's new video was literally the same as mine – jumped up, ran to my room and watched it right away 😀 your videos do the same though, you guys support me so much! My resolution is to start to take care of myself again, enjoy all good things in life and make sure that my vacay to the southern states of the USA will happen

  4. I have only one plan for this year. Finally live my life, after battling anorexia for 6 years. And I know this time it is for real and I can do that. I wish you all the best on your journey (somehow I feel like we are very similar- even the size of our families hahaha) and please keep making your videos cause they are fun to watch and really helpful. I'm sending you all the love <3

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