Healthy Pores and skin Treatment Recommendations

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Dr. Joseph Mercola shares ideas on how to avoid untimely getting older, wrinkles, and wonderful strains.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food stuff and Drug Administration. This products is not intended to diagnose, take care of, cure or reduce any disorder. If you are pregnant, nursing, getting treatment, or have a health care problem, consult with your health practitioner right before using this products.


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  1. For women I have something to suggest that is crazy awesome!!!! I use coconut oil as a makeup removal. Since having started this routine, the skin around my eyes is supple and holds moisture better during the day. Just use a cotton ball and swab rinse a few times, repeat and you can then wash briefly with soap an you are good to go!!!

  2. @getncake

    For hyperpigmentation acne scarring turmeric powder is helpful. I found some information on the online acne forum and the essential day spa forum. I tried it and it did lighten the redness naturally.

    Search "hyperpigmentation turmeric". I got it at Whole Foods for $2.

    I don't know of anything natural that will help deep scars.

    I have also found Vitamin A chemical peels to be effective but they are pricey and need to be done by a licensed aesthetician.

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