Make 2018 Your 12 months, How to Pick the Ideal Food plan for you

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With this new year Meal Options and Diet plans are gonna be your ideal buddy as its 80% of finding your success, But which Food plan ? Well currently we are gonna seem at how to select the ideal diet program for 2018. To get more robust, more healthy, and sexier!!

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  1. You know personally with my self I don't really think I need a diet as im 6'3ft and I eat alot of fatty and sugary foods but also eat alot of vegetables, fruit and meat (I'm Asian so most of our dishes are vegetables like broccoli, spinach and chick peas and the meat is mostly chicken and lamb, I also just like fruits like apples and bananas) along with drinking mainly water, so I think my diet is perfectly fine, but I don't move about enough which is why I've gained weight and as of right now I've stagnated and have stopped at a middle ground of chubby and toned, so for 2018 I need to go out more and move about so I can lose weight, which is even harder than dieting as I'm autistic and much prefer being alone in my room playing games, watching YouTube and drawing art.

  2. Yo bruh you’re the goat man saw your meditation video I’ve been watching hella dbz and I noticed in the back you got the 9 season dvd box set in the back keep up the great work and happy New Years bro

  3. If some one has crippling depression and hasn’t talked to anyone. It’s because it’s not always easy to just talk about your chemical imbalance.

  4. Hey @Jaxblade for my case, I'm not trying to lose weight (dude I'm a skinny guy) I weigh like 120 pounds(I'm 19 years old) and I'm trying to gain weight, so what kind of diet could you recommend me, help a brother out jax boy

  5. Hey Jax im tall 6'0 and i weight 187lbs and im 14 years old can you tell me some exercises to keep me in shape? I dont want to do some explosive exercises because im still a a kid and im still growing…

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