Healthier Baked Steak and Rooster Recipe.

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Welcome to The Kat Cooks Kitchen! Thank you for becoming a member of me for one more brilliant dish! Hope you enjoy!

What You Require:

Substances coming Before long! (which not long ago has been never 😡 )

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  1. I love her effort to make her son a healthy dish but tbh all that oil and butter is not healthy at all!! I’m convinced she doesn’t know that but looking forward to Youssef reaction. I think Mama and baba kath will eat chicken and steak for the coming 2/3 weeks lol. All effort for nothing. Mama Kat, next time don’t use so oil and no butter! Chicken will be fine without oil and only drizzle some on the steak. Then it will be the perfect healthy meal! Bumps up to Mama Kat for trying though, and yes I said bumps up!

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