six minute higher protein healthier meal for fifty four cents!

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  1. Sorry this is a re-upload.  Worse than that, I spent 3 hours re-editing it from raw footage because I FORGOT that I had already uploaded it.   If I had a production department, this would not happen but I am a one man show so I will apologize in advance for when this happens again.  The reason this happens is that I literally have 20-30 videos at various states of completion at any one time.  Its why a lot of videos that I film never make it to YouTube, I simply forget about them.  If you want to see how the same footage can make a completely different video, watch this:

  2. One thing to note. These kinds of soups have a ton of fiber like he mentioned in the breakdown. If your body is not used to these amounts of fiber work your way up or you will be in for a bad time.

  3. Excellent advice as alway Scooby but my only issue with the food prep. I get worried about storing food after I prepare it. Especially for 5 days. How do you store the food to be reheated for consumption. I am scared of food poisioning.

  4. Hey scoobs, I have a suggestion for your calorie calculator. I love your graph that shows the user's projected weight over time with a given caloric intake. I was thinking it would be cool if you made one that predicts your weight if you maintain your intake at a 20% reduction for example. For the folks who want to take off as much weight as possible safely.

  5. “The problem with pea protein is it taste like shit…and it’s expensive”. Amen, Scooby, amen! Trying to cut out dairy but all the non dairy protein powders suck.

  6. I honestly believe Scooby is the saviour of the fitness industry, while everyone else is trying to push supplements, sell training programs this guy is releasing free content and advice without a monetary agenda behind it. Did I say he has done all of this since the start of his youtube channel?

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