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This video was filmed 6/2012 and i desired it to be up, i was so very pleased of my fat reduction journey, these foods along with the Tracy Anderson Dynamic foods plan and physical exercise, aid me loose fat.

Some of these food items i incorporated immediately after my demanding eating plan plan was above and i added my individual twist on specified food items i ate again. This sums up my eating plan at the time.

I know that absolutely everyone eats differently and i am not a professional just sharing my encounter. As of 2014-2015 I have been launched to other types of eating plan and consuming patterns that i could share in foreseeable future video clips.

See my Bodyweight-reduction video:
HOW I Missing 35 LBS OF BOOTY? [Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis]

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  1. This is s tip. You are not getting good nutrition from the store bought juices. They start loosing nutrients as soon as the fruit is picked and then again as soon as the company starts juicing. Those juices are a month to two months old when you get them off of the shelf. You must consider picking, transportation to factory. Washed and boiled quickly then cold water shocked then juiced then store in freezer in preparation for travel for around a month or two then about a weeks worth of travel in truck from California. If you can, juice your own fruit.

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  3. Your progression is awesome. Look for Pictsweet Seasoning Blend in the frozen section. It's only parsley, celery, onion, and bell pepper chopped. I cook everything with that stuff. It gives a good flavor to meats and trims down sodium, money, and time.

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