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Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin! Packing my existence up into packing containers and hitting the fitness center simply because I make no excuses! Additionally having the deal with paint off and the a long time with an amazing evening skincare schedule! Pls like & subscribe here: Open up UP FOR More Facts


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  1. I love having a productive evening and then take off my makeup. It's just so refreshing to also stay makeup free a while before going to bed. SO excited to see what you're gonna do to the new place! 🙂
    Alsoooo, i kinda feel like you're always wearing cool bracelets around your wrist. Mind sharing your favs or where you got them from? 🙂

  2. You are honestly the best when it comes to including people around you in the videos – drivers, porters, removal guys lol I love it…I always feel weird when filming in the taxi etc haha…you are simply natural x

  3. Emma what primer do you use? I'm going to get the giorgio armani luminous foundation. But I need a good primer. My skin super sensitive. So even if I just wear concealer and tinted moisturiser. I need to wear a moisturiser n primer before. I also have oily skin . Just now I'm using Gosh primer . It helps with makeup but not with my skin. I just get redness and richness if I don't take it off xx

  4. Hey guys! Please hit the thumbs up if you want to see more moving vlogs and how I will decorate my new place! Aiming for 200 thumbs up! Lets do it!
    I hope this evening routine makes you feel a little less guilty if you're not one of those 6am morning people who fit their work out in before school/uni/work. Sometimes evening workouts suit me better! Finding the right time that works for YOU is KEY. Listen to your body. 
    What makes up part of your evening routine? Pls share and upvote your faves! I will pin best ones to the top! 
    As ever answering, any questions and ALL comments over next 24hrs! 

    Lots of love, 

    E xox


  5. I love that you are so chilled for a person who is moving out of flat and don't have actual place to live. I would be mega stressed! but I know that everything is sorted now for you, so happy for you! Love that video!

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