Minimal-Calorie Waffle Recipe : Shed Fat by Having

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Minimal-calorie waffles are a great deal with to make for persons who enjoy breakfast but want to eat balanced. Get a low-calorie waffle recipe with help from the founder of Shed Fat by Having in this cost-free online video clip.

Pro: Audrey Johns
Bio: Audrey Johns is a bodyweight loss expert who dropped 150 lbs in 11 months by cooking and eating true food items, and not by demonizing it.
Filmmaker: James Tucker

Series Description: Just because you want to get rid of bodyweight doesn’t mean that you have to halt eating. Shed bodyweight by eating with help from the founder of Shed Fat by Having in this cost-free online video collection.


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  1. right, i have made these now, i substituted the sugar for xylitol , the flour for gluten free flour blend and had to add a bit more water. it made 9 rectangle waffles and the calorie count is 123 kcal per waffle, taste wise they taste like french toast rather than waffles and they are really chewy , they rise nicely but become floppy when cold due to the lack of butter, i hope this helps.

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