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This is Jamie’s Bombay Hen recipe from his new reserve Daily Tremendous Food : | It’s a fantastic, rapid way to cook hen devoid of the large sauce or oils. Packed full of nutrients, protein and fibre it can be a balanced food that tastes astounding and does you great as well.

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  1. I remember the time the Brits called people curry munches, garlic breath and curry munchers, and spitting at women in sarees and telling them to go home and take their foo with them! I remember when the meter reader, Milk man, and service men cam to my mothers house and said your house stinks and to go back home! M mother cam in a to hospital with food for me, and the doctors, nurses, and white patients started opening windows and saying the curry smelt. However when I threw a party the all were the first to attack the Samosas and wanted Chicken curry the same curry they said smelt. When I approached them they all had red faces.

  2. I just made this, and not gonna lie i didnt really like it. it could possibly be because the turmeric over powers a lot of the other flavors and gives it a bitter taste. Its not that bad though, and the mustard seeds are really cool.

  3. Well done, sir. I will give this a try! P/S: Back home my curry chicken comes with more curry gravy, a hint of lemongrass and a harder kick from chilli. It is like a stew, a comfort food for my family.

  4. I love cooking and make dinner for my husband all the time. I bought his book yesterday and tried this recipe. Unfortunately, that was the worst dish I've ever made. It looked pretty delicious from the bright curry color, but the combination of curry + turmeric powder and the mint sauce really did not work for me and my husband.

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